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Things Im Loving

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Ive never done a favourites post sharing my favourite links and blog posts before so I thought I would finally do one and add them to this post. If you follow me on twitter *follow me @beautylifebecca ;)* then it wont be a shock to you that Im going to talk about Doctor Foster. I tweeted asking what new show do I start watching, Doctor Foster or Liar and most people said both but I decided to go with Doctor Foster first and I am now obsessed! 

One of my favourites treats to bake over the last few weeks has been these yummy vegan shortbread. Ive grown up with my Granny making shortbread all the time and they are some of my favourite biscuits to eat and they are really straightforward and easy to bake. You only have 4 ingredients and they only take around 30 minutes to prepare and bake. I switch out the regular flour in this recipe for gluten-free flower because I do have a gluten intolerance and they still turn out great. Its become a family favourite of mine too, even my little brother approves and he is a super fussy eater. 

There is always room for personal growth and change and I really love reading different blog posts where people share things they are trying to do and habits they are trying to change. But what I particularly love about this post is the things to do less of. I am all about cutting down waste, criticising others and stressing less. This post is a good, quick read for everyone to see. 

This spot treatment is my holy grail guys. Im not exaggerating when I say its the best skin care product I have ever tried and owned! My skin has always been problematic but it cleared up once I started taking the pill last year but I had to come off it a few months ago because my body didn't agree with it and now my skin is breaking out like crazy! I am waking up with at least 2-3 painful new spots on my face and particularly around my chin. With this drying lotion it does exactly what it says on the bottle- it dries the spot up over night. I just pop some of this on a spot I can feel coming up or one I already have and it speeds up the healing of it so much faster than any other spot treatment. 

Doctor Foster
I know I am kinda behind on the craze of this show but I finally started watching it this week and within the first 30 minutes of episode 1 I was hooked! I have just finished the first series so now I just need to catch up with series 2. I highly recommend you watch this show if you haven't already because I guarantee you will be glued to the screen watching it. 

Red Raspberry Yankee Candle
OH MY GOD! This candle smells sooo yummy it makes you want to eat it! If you are a fan of any sort of fruity candle this one is definitely for you. I had this candle for my birthday this year and I had it stashed in my wardrobe and I completely forgot about it until I had a clear out and I brought it down to the kitchen to burn. We have already burnt over half of the candle (which is a large one btw) and what I love the most about this is its a scent that lingers well after the candle is blown out. 

Live Lounge month
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month then you would've probably heard or seen at least one Live Lounge session. This Live Lounge month I was particularly excited for because it had some of my favourite sessions and artists. My favourite performances were The Chain covered by Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus covering See You Again and Sam Smith covering Father Figure by George Michael. 

My question for you all today is which live lounge session is your all time favourite and why?


  1. Loved this post! Thanks for sharing all of the links! :)


  2. I love your photography here! Vegan shortbread sounds delicious 😋

  3. The shortbread sounds amazing, thanks for sharing the recipe!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  4. I really want to catch up on doctor foster, heard so many good things! Those shortbread sound deeelish! x

    1. Its such a good show. I need to finish series 2 this week x

  5. I really wanted to like Harry Styles singing The Chain, but I am die hard Fleetwood Mac fan and it was just to different for me!

    Danielle xx

    1. I love Harrys cover just as much as I love the original. :)

  6. I totally love favorites post because I discover new things like the Vegan Shortbread which dosen't sound half bad!

    Samara | themarshallwardorbe.blogspot.com

    1. You'll have to try the shortbread recipe, its so yummy x

  7. Nice blog post! I always enjoy reading your posts! xo, Dr Christian Farthing

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