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My Most Played Albums of 2016

There have been so many brilliant music releases this year and actually some of my all time favourite albums have been released in 2015-2016. I am a huge music lover. I always have to have music paying whether Im in the bath, cleaning, cooking -you name it I always have music playing.

This year I have discovered so much new music that I just had to share some of my favourites. And as you will tell by my list I have rather broad music taste, I literally listen to every genre.

Illuminate by Shawn Mendes
Im now a massive Shawn fan. First of all his music is incredible, hes such a lovely boy and his voice is beautiful! Illuminate is definitely my favourite album of the year and its up there in my top 5 of all time. I bought the deluxe version that I highly recommend you do because the added tracks are beautiful and the acoustic version of 'Mercy' is so amazing! My favourite tracks are 'Dont Be A Fool', 'Lights On' and 'Bad Reputation'.

Keep The Village Alive by The Stereophonics
I was lucky enough to see The Stereophonics back in June in Cardiff for the first time with my mum and two aunties and it was such a fun concert. My favourite songs off the album are definitely 'C'est La Vie' and 'I Wanna Get Lost With You'.

Death Of A Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco
I am so late on the whole Panic band wagon. Ive never really heard much of their music until this album came out and I haven't stopped listening to them since. 'Death Of A Bachelor' and 'LA Devotee' are my favourites from this album.

7/27 by Fifth Harmony
Dont even get me started on 5H. I seriously love them and I am border line obsessed with those girls (I have a huge crush on Lauren btw!) and I was so lucky and I got to see them on their 7/27 tour in Cardiff this past October. Their show was one of my all time favourite concerts. They really know how to put on a live concert and they sound even better in person. I could go on about how good the concert was all day..I actually wrote an entire post about that weekend and you can see it here. My favourites from the album are 'I Lied', 'Squeeze' and 'Dope'.

Anti by Rihanna
Ive always been a big fan of Rihanna and I think shes one of the coolest people on this planet. Right?!  It actually took me a few listens of this album for me to love it. 'Work', 'Needed Me' and 'Love On The Brain' are amazing tracks. Every time I listen to this album I am just hit with girl power vibes.

So Long Forever by Palace
Ive only heard of this band in the last month after them being recommended in my Spotify. They are a London based band and their music is definitely on the relaxed and chilled side of blues-rock. My top 2 songs are 'Holy Smoke' and 'Live Well'. These are definitely a band who deserve more recognition. 

Lemonade by Beyonce
Queen B- of course this album is going to be included on my list. As usual she completely nailed this album and I have been listening to it on an almost daily basis. My favourites are 'Sorry' and 'Hold Up'.

What were some of your favourite albums of 2016?





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