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Rainbow Rice Krispie Squares

Rice krispie cakes are a kids party favourite. They are easy to make and super easy. We usually make milk chocolate ones and although they are very yummy, they are slightly boring. But I found a recipe very similar to this one on pinterest the other day, I just altered it a little bit so that its easier to make. 

You will need : 

Rice Krispies 90g

White chocolate 150g

mini pink & white marshmallows 100g

sprinkles to top

Prep time: 15 minutes


1. Break up the chocolate and add them to a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water & stir until its melted.

2. Add in a handful of mini marshmallows and stir until they have softened a bit.

3. In a large bowl, combine the rice krispies with the melted chocolate and marshmallows little by little until the mixture is entirely coated.

4. Add some sprinkles to the mixture and stir them in until combined.

5. Spread out the mixture into a square or rectangle pan.

6. Decorate the top with sprinkles and the remaining marshmallows and leave it to set. 

7. Cut up the rice krispies into little squares and they are ready to eat. 

I hope you liked this quick, little recipe. Its something easy and fun to make one afternoon. 

Love, Becca 


  1. yuum! looks so good
    Kathy x

  2. This sounds so nice and looks delicious too! I'm definitely gonna give making these a go when I get the chance. x

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com

  3. These sound delicious! I have always seen the colorful marshmallows, but I never though to put them in rice krispies? Genius! :)

    Abby Talks


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