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Blake Lively's beachy waves & effortless curls

One of my all time favourite celebrity with amazing hair is the goregous Blake Lively. She is actual hairs goals! Of course everything about Blake is beautiful, but especially her hair. Her signature looks are her relaxed beach waves & her effortless curls. 

How to- Blakes beachy waves

You will need- 
Tony & Guy sea salt spray
Batiste Dry shampoo
Volumising hairspray

1. Grab random 1-2 inch sections of you hair. 
2. Place your straightner on your hair at ear level. 
3. Hold your straightner vertically on your hair. 
4. Pull the straightner down & slowly rotate it away from your face. 
5. Finish with some dry shampoo, hairspray and a little bit of sea salt spray and voila! 

Tip- to dress up the beachy waves, pin back a front section from each side and clip it down loosely. 

How to- Blakes effortless curls

You will need 

1.5inch curling wand/curlers 
Texturising spray
Volumising hair spray
Wide tooth comb
Shine spray

1. Section your hair into a top and a bottom layer. 
2. Grab 1 inch sections of you hair and curl your hair from your ears down. 
3. Work through both sections & alternate the direction you curl your hair. 
4. Let your hair cool for 5-10 minutes. 
5. Lightly brush a couple of chuncks of your hair. 
6. Finish with volumising hairspray and shine spray. And for an extra boost, add some texturising spray. 

Tip- leave the ends of your hair uncurled for an effortless look. 

There you have Blakes 2 signature hairstyles. Let me know who your hair inspiration is. 

Love, Becca x

Twitter & instagram- @beautylifebecca



  1. I love Blake's hair, too! I never have the time to do my hair but when I do I'll definitely try the first one, it doesn't seem too difficult x


    1. Its so quick to do, if I style my hair its usually like this because its so easy to do x

  2. She's such a beautiful woman! I love those beachy waves but I'm always too lazy to style my hair this way, haha! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Isnt she just?!! Im usually too lazy to do my hair but when I do style it I do it like this :)

  3. I love beach waves. Blake Lively is legit goals!


    1. She is! She has been killing it recently with her looks! X

  4. blake lively always look stunning!


    (I'm also doing a giveaway right now too!)

  5. Her hair always looks amazing. I need to try styling my hair like that. Thanks for this helpful post. :)


    1. Ever since I watched gossip girl, I have become obsessed with her hair. You're welcome. X

  6. Blake has been on of my favourite celebs since the first episode of GG.

    Love the blog! (must be the name)

    1. Mine too! Love everything about her. Haha thankyou, its a fab name! X


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