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L'oréal Elvive Pre-Shampoo Mask for oily roots

£5.99 at Boots

Unless I have dry shampoo on hand, I need to wash my hair every-single-day which is a) bad for your hair and b) exhausting. So when I saw this hair mask specifically targeted for oily root, you can imagine my excitement! I had to buy it! 

This mask/treatment claims to "instantly absorbs oil and impurities for deeply cleansed, light and lifted roots." 

First off, it is a terrifyingly bright teal colour! I was scared to put this on my blonde roots to be honest, I thought I would end up with blue roots! And that fear only rised as I tried washing the mask off my fingers and my nails and finger tips were STAINED BLUE! I was turning into a smurf! Haha!! I panicked because I first tried this before a night out and I had just gotten my hair roots touched up. But, I was brave and I left it on for the 5 minutes it recommends so that it deeply absorbs excess oils and impurities.  

1- apply to dry roots before shampooing. 
2- leave for up to 5 minutes to deeplg absorb excrss oil. 
3- rinse out the mask whilst massaging the scalp (hate that word, ew!) until the water runs clear.  

Did I notice a difference? Honestly, no. I didnt notice on difference and with all of the effort it takes to use this mask it really isnt worth it for me. But the colour completely washed out and I didnt end up with bright blue roots. Yay! Maybe it would work better with the shampoo & conditioner too but alone, it does nothing formy oily   roots. But I was really disappointed. I had very high hopes for this mask but it really did nothing. The next morning I woke up with oily roots and I still had to use the same amount of dry shampoo as I usually would. 

Have you tried this hair treatment and did it work for you? 

Love, Becca x

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*this was bought with my own money and my opinions are 100% my own* 


  1. It's a shame it didn't work out for you - I find this really helps me get an extra day out of my hair before it needs washing! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I keep using it in hopes of it working. Im gutted it didnt work for me. X


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