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Advice For New Bloggers- 5 things I've learnt about blogging.

Starting out a blog can be very daunting, I kept putting it off for 5+ years! But when I finally found the confidence to start one I wish I had done it years ago. I havent been bligging for too long but here are some great things I have learnt so far.

1. Practice photography.
The first photo isnt going to be the best one. You need to remember it takes time and a lot of practice to be able to take great photos. I am still learning how to take good photos. Some of mine on my blog are crap! But there are some photos (like the one below) that I am proud of and I didnt rush into taking it and I took ages finding the best way to take the snap. Also, lighting is your BFF. 
Here are some great blog post for improving your photography skills. 

2. Read. Read. Read.
Always read around for blog inspiration and to find your own little niche. I have a blog post coming soon on where to find blog inspiration. But for now, you can find inspo everywhere & anywhere. Magazines, blogs and from people are my top 3 places to find some inspiration. Ask your friend what she would like to read or buy a magazine and keep a tab on pages/articles you enjoyed reading. 

3. Write what you want.
Obviously take into concideration what your readers like but ultimately you need to write for yourself. If you're not happy with your content then what is the point? The whole point of blogging is for it to be enjoyable. If you think of something to blog but you havent seen any other similar posts, just go for it! 

4. Social media is your BFF.
I love social media anyways but I have loved it even more since I started blogging. Its a great way to talk to other people with the same interests as you and its great for promoting and sharing your posts. The day I made a twitter account for my blog was the best. I have made so many friends and learnt so much through it. Cough cough* you can follow me @beautylifebecca :) 

5. Have fun with it & get personal.
Blogging is a great way to let out your creative and language skills. I love sitting down and writing up new posts with my own little twist to it whether thats with photos or content. I think there is nothing nicer than reading a blog post and the writer is more on the informal side and adds their personal touch to it by adding slang or questions to the post. Write your blog as if you are having a nice little chat with the reader. This is why I love Corries blog so much, its like having a one-on-one chat with her & her photography skills are through the roof!
Check out Corrie @ http://www.dizzybrunette3.com/

What is the one piece of adive you have for blogging? 

Love, Becca x

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  1. I've definitely learnt over time that I lil sharing little bits of my life and not just the beauty stuff :) photography is also the one thing I feel like there's always room for improvement with xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Yes, I keep learning new things every single day about taking photos. X

  2. I've been blogging for about 3 years now (although on two different blogs) and I don't think you ever stop learning! Photography is definitely one that I keep improving on. And I couldn't agree more about just how useful social media is - Instagram and Twitter are every bloggers bestie.

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

    1. There is always room for improvement. I dont use my insta for my blog but Im thinking of setting one up just for it. X

  3. Thanks for the tips!! I am working on my photog skills as well.

  4. Great Tips :) Photography is definately important i am working on it as well :) www.scarletblushblog.com

    1. You're welcome. I feel like you can always improve in photography xx

  5. How do you connect with other bloggers on twitter? I'd love to be a part of it, but it feels like twitter is high school with all the popoular kids and I'm just not a part of the conversation lol! Love the other tips as well. xx

    June | https://hellolipstick.com

    1. Just tweet something genuine and people will reply. Thats what I do anyways and I always end up with a tweet back or we end up having a full on conversation. Just go for it :) xx


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