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Bourjois Velvet Rouge Lipstick- is it any good?

Liquid lipsticks are popping up everywhere right now and when I saw that bourjois had their own range I had to buy one to try out, (I hauled it here). First off, I am really happy because Bourjois is cruelty-free & they have a large selection of colours. They have a total of 17 shades ranging from pale pinks to dark plum & they retail for £8.99, a real bargain if you ask me.

The packaging is really chic looking and I love the fact that it has a lipgloss applicator. I like to use my fingertip to smudge it out a little bit for a softer everyday look but it is definitely buildable. These lipsticks are really longlasting, I was super suprised! I wore it for 6 hours and I had lunch & coffee in that time and it was still on my lips.

I have shade 09 Happy Nude Year and it goes on as a velvety cream but sets to a matte finish. It dries properly within a good 30 seconds and it doesn't bleed or feather.

Overall, I think these liquid lipsticks are amazing! I feel like they are at the same quality, if not better, as the Too Faced Melted lipsticks and a fraction of the price!! I want to go and buy a few more shades, especially the darker colours & Im going to recommend them to all of my girl friends.

You can buy them at Boots & Asos.

Have you tried this lipstick? If you haven't I would recommend next time you take your bum down to Boots & pick one to try. You wont be dissapointed!

Love, Becca x


  1. Great post gonna try this lipstick out as they have more shades than the sleek matte lipstick ive been using.



    1. Let me know how you like them. I didnt know sleek did some! X

  2. Haven't tried them yet but I'll definitely give them a go now! Lovely shade you picked

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

    1. Its definitely worth it. Hope you like it :) x

  3. I tried the darkest shade of these from a friend, and I loved it! Great pigmentation and longlasting! A winner! :)

  4. Must pick this up next time i'm in the shops! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x

  5. I don't know why I always forget about these. I have a couple and I like them but for some reason never reach for them. Will try to remember next time.
    Sal UmmBabyBeauty

  6. I really want to try some liquid lipsticks as I haven't experimented with them too much but there's so many options out there at the moment. These ones look great and that's a really gorgeous shade! Lovely review

    The Makeup Directory

  7. Ahh I have a Bourjois liquid lipstick in the shade 07 'Nude-ist' and I love it too! Might have to purchase some more shades, especially after this lovely blog post! ❤️
    - www.roisinslatest.blogspot.co.uk

  8. I really want to try these lipsticks they seems to be so good ! I am a fan of matte lipsticks, so I am sure I will love these.


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