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25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Good evening! Todays post is a little bit different. I was inspired by Sally Jo & Gabriella on youtube to do this tag but I am not interesting enough to do 50 facts!! Haha!! So I decided on 25. Its a nice way for us to get to know each other better.

1. I am half Welsh and Irish with some English and German mixed in.
2. I am bilingual.
3. I have a massive fear of sloths.
4. I am going to be a bridesmaid for the third time next Easter.

5. I have broken my wrist and two ankles all at different occasions.
6. I hate going to public toilets, always have and always will.
7. I am gluten intolerant.
8. When I was younger (until I was 16..embarrassing)  I use to suck my thumb.
9. I lived in a caravan for 3 years of my childhood and it was a really nice one.
10. I have seen a ghost. And it scared me half to death!!
11. I am 20 and I dont have my driving licence. I was too scared & Ive only just started driving.
12. I use go be obsessed with the Twilight Saga.
13. I love any sort of scary or creepy tv show like Dexter & American Horror Story.
14. I am a huge 1D fan (no shame) and I have seen them live twice with my best friend. 

15. I cannot wait to be a Mummy one day. It is my biggest goal in life.
16. My first celebrity crush was Peter Andre. When he was in the jungle I was in heaven! Haha!
17. One of my eyes is short sighted and the other is longsighted. Its all a bit weird so I have glasses but I dont need to wear them all the time, thank God! 

18. I get really really bad travel sickness. I cant go in the car anymore without wearing a magnetic bracelet.
19. I use to be in my school choir and we sang on telly a good dozen times.
20. When I was a little girl I had a doll that never left my side. Her name was Anna-Belle and my younger sister ripped her arm off and I was heartbroken!
21. I use to be obsessed with Gareth Gates. Anyone remember him? I even had my school photo taken in a t-shirt with his face on it!!
22. I had a huge fear of thunder storms but I enjoy them now. There is something quite soothing about them...well until the electric goes off.
23. I had a pet rabbit named Buffy after Buffy the vampire slayer.
24. When I first started wearing makeup I always wore heavy black liner on my lashline and silver eyeshadow....*cringe*!!
25. I share my birthday with my dad and his twin sister. They had a great birthday gift 20 years ago! LOL!

      (My last birthday cake ft. my puppy) 

There you go, 25 random facts about me. It's made me realise that I am nit that interesting! Haha!  Please let me know some weird and random facts about you, its so fun to read and I'm sure they will be far more exciting than mine!

Love, Becca x

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  1. this was such an interesting post! Elle x


  2. I love these types of posts where they are short and simple but really interesting, I might have to do one soon! :) I also really hate public bathrooms... grosses me out!

    Kathy xx

    1. You should do one :) They are gross! Lol! X

  3. How cute that you share a birthday with your dad and aunt, that's so cute!


  4. Hahah. What a lovely post! Loved the 24th fact! We all have made that mistake.


  5. I really love reading posts like this, I always find these kinds of facts about people so interesting because they're usually things you'd never guess in a million years! Love that you had a rabbit named Buffy as well, that'll probably always be one of my favourite shows :)


    1. They are so fun to read :) That show is on my netflix list,cant wait to watch it properly x


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