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10 Blogs You Need To Follow: Beauty & Lifestyle

Good morning my fellow blog lovers! How are you all? I have spent a good 6+ years reading beauty and lifestyle blogs. It all started with youtube gurus Elle & Blair Fowler and Dulce Candy. I would check their blogs daily, it was a real hobbie of mine and after all these years I finally built up the courage to start my own blog. YAY!

Over the years I have discovered some amazing beauty and lifestyle blogs that are totally worth following and I thought I would share them with you all you blog lovers like myself.

If you read my blog you will probably know by now how much I love Zoe. Her videos are amazing and her blog is too. Her blog was on of the first ones I remember reading consistently and after all these years I still enjoy her blog.

This is a blog run by Pretty Little Liars Shay Mitchell and her bff Michaela Blaney all about lifestyle, travel, beauty, health and fashion.

Poppy posts lifestyle and beauty posts and she takes the most goregous photos! I love her travel posts. 

Em has the most goregous style! She is one of my most recent bloggers I have followed and now one of my favourites. 

This blog is ran by Nikki Phillipi (check her out on youtube) and her friends. Their posts are lovely, I feel like I'm having a conversation with an old friend when I go to this website. 

Laurens blog is one of the first blogs I started following. I have been reading her blog for years now, ever since I discovered her on The Hills all those years ago. And she is beautiful! 

I found Michelle on youtube last year. She is a lovely Irish youtuber living in Sydney, Australia. 

I absolutely adore and admire Anna. I have followed her on youtube and on her blog for years now. I love her posts about Emilia and Eduardo and I love how honest and down-to-earth her and Jonathan are. They are the same now as they were when I first discovered them when they had 200k subscribers.They are such a beautiful family and I love that they have shared thei journey with us. Here is a post I wrote all about Annas necklace line (click here). 

There you go. These are my favourite blogs to visit.
Who are some of your favourite bloggers to follow? Do you read any of these blogs? Let me know.

Love, Becca x


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I'd love to have a few more blogs to follow! xx

    Kayleigh | http://kayleighmakesup.blogspot.co.uk

    1. You're welcome, I hope you find a new blog you love. x

  2. I am a huge zoe fan... I read her blogs and watch her youtube videos plus her vlog channel.


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