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Spend or Save?

These kinds of posts and YouTube videos have been around for ages but I find them super useful. It's good to see people's opinions on high-end product before you think about investing in them. I get really annoyed if I pay a lot more money on a product of I can get something as good, maybe better for a fraction of the price. I hope these will be helpful for some of you.

Benefit Porefessional vs. Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
I have read lots of blog posts about the Maybelline primer being a dupe for the Benefit Porefessional so I went out and bought it. It is way cheaper than the Benefit one so you'd be stupid not to try it out. The textures are pretty much the same but I find that the longevity isn't as good as the Benefit one. Also, the Maybelline primer makes my skin a lot oiler. The Benefit Porefessional will make my makeup last for hours and it does a better job at smoothing out your complexion and filling your pores. So I'd have to say, spending the extra money on primer is a wise move.

Batiste dry shampoo vs. Wilko dry shampoo.
Now, I have tried multiple different kinds of dry shampoos and I decided that the Batiste one was the one to use. But then I was out shopping once and I saw the boots own make dry shampoo and it's so much cheaper so I thought why not try it out (even though batiste is a lot cheaper than many other dry shampoos). And in my opinion it works just as well as the batiste one. So I went a step further and tried out the Wilkinsons own make one and I have to say it is my favourite of the two. I think you don't have to spend the extra pounds on dry shampoo because a I find that they all work just as well as each other. I still think baby powder is the best form of dry shampoo (but it's a little impractical).

Estée Lauder a Double Wear vs. Revlon Colourstay.
I have tried a few high end foundations over the last couple of years but I would never look to try another one after I discovered Revlon Colourstay. This foundation is AMAZING! But so many beauty bloggers say it's a dupe for the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation. I have never tried that foundation but to be honest, I love the Revlon one so much that I'm not exactly in a rush about trying it out. Maybe one day I will treat myself to a bottle to see if it's better but right now I am very happy with Revlon. Let me know if I should try it out.

Benefit They're Real mascara vs. Maybelline the Lash Sensational.
After seeing such a hype about the They're Real mascara I had to go out and buy a tube. I unfortunately didn't like this mascara. It didn't really do much for my lashes but I know some people swear by it. I tried the Lash Sensational after it came out and OMG this makes my lashes look amazing. It holds the curl, lasts for ages and lengthens and adds tonnes of volume to my lashes whereas the They're Real did none of those for me. I 100% think that saving on this item is a good idea. Maybelline just does great mascaras in general, The Rocket is another great one for adding length and volume.

Let me know if you spend or save. What are some good dupes of some expensive beauty items.

Love, Becca xoxo

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