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4 Christmas Films To Watch On Netflix


Yes, I am a child when it comes to Christmas.

Im actually kinda disappointed with the lack of Christmas films on Netflix. They don't have many at all this year and Im gutted The Holiday and Christmas With The Kranks (which is the best christmas film out there. The botox scene gets me everytime!) isn't on it because they are both two of my favourite festive films. But I am very excited that Love Actually is now on it *brb, going to watch it on repeat until christmas day*.

Angel Of Christmas
This is one of my new favourite Christmas films. Its just a feel good, sweet Christmas film about a girl who discovers her family heirloom has a magical past and helps her meet someone special. Yes its predictable but its a film that makes you feel all fuzzy and warm and who doesn't love a little love story at Christmas?!

Deck The Halls
Deck The Halls is a favourite in our house. Its one of the first films we all watch when its Christmas time, its just a classic and it stars Kristin Chenoweth, Danny DeVito and Kristin Davis. If you haven't by some chance watched this film before its about Buddy Hall who is new to the town and tried to get his house seen from space by covering his house in Christmas lights. Its just a wacky film with lots of funny moments.

Arthur Christmas
This is one of the sweetest Christmas films Ive ever watched. Its perfect for little children and its equally as enjoyable and festive for adults. This animated film follows Arthurs mission to deliver a missed present to a little girl before sunrise.

Jingle All The Way
I remember always watching this film on telly when I was younger but I haven't watched it in years now so its actually on my list of films to watch. This film is set on Christmas Eve following a fathers stressful hunt to find a sold out TurboMan action figure for his son. He also finds another father who is desperately trying to find the same sold out toy for his son and it gets ulgy quickly. Its just a classic watch everyones seen at some point in their life.







  1. So I watched Arthur Christmas earlier and Deck the Halls last night... Clearly loving the Netflix Christmas films haha! These are some good picks x
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Haha! Ive watched a bunch in this last week and I want to watch more :) x

  2. You just can't beat a good Christmas film and Love Actually is one of my favourites ever! xx


  3. I love Deck the Halls last weekend for the first time and I loved it. Love Actually has just gone on Netflix, I have already watched it twice!

    Danielle xx

    1. Its so funny isnt it! I plan on watching Love Actually tonight :)


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