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And, Relax

I know its so difficult for so many people to switch off and just relax. It sounds easy in theory but with phones these days you don't get a break from anything and why is it that you can go all day without getting a text but then as soon as you want to chill out everyone in your group chat decides its a great idea to blow up your phone? Taking time out of your day once a week to relax is such an essential for good mental health and Im all for it.

Turn off your phone
When I want to switch off completely so that I can relax I will turn my phone off completely. If you have it on silent or on airplane mode you are still tempted to just pick up your phone and check just one message. I am guilty of never turning my phone completely off but every now and then I just have to do it for some peace. Im not saying my phone blows up 24/7 and Im super popular and blah blah blah but usually when you want to relax thats when everyone decides to hit you up.

Light a candle
This is such a basic b*tch suggestion (but Im such a basic b*tch so this is expected) but candles really do create a lovely vibe and if its a scented candle thats even better. My personal favourite candles are 'Fireside Treats', 'Sea Salt & Sage' and 'Clean Cotton' by Yankee Candle. They are a more expensive candle but they all smell so amazing that its worth every penny in my opinion. A great hack is to buy the mini candles because you get the scent without spending a fortune and you can switch up scents more often that way.

Adult colouring books
Adult colouring books have become such a phenomenon in the last couple of years because they can be so relaxing and soothing. So many people use them to ease anxiety and to relax and I am one of those people. The only thing Id say is don't buy a really intricate book because it will be more frustrating than relaxing, I speak from experience.

Take a long bath or hot shower
Its surprising how relaxing washing yourself can be. When Im feeling a bit meh I will always have a long bath or a shower.

I love reading books and Im currently reading 'The Start of Me and You' by Emery Lord from Zoellas book club. But I know that for a lot of people reading a book isn't the most relaxing thing so if you are one of those people maybe go out and buy a Christmas magazine or read some blog posts. Its just an extra way to switch off and focus on something outside of your mind without reading a book. I have friends who would much rather cozy up and read a magazine rather than a book and theres nothing wrong with that especially if its a Christmas mag!

Write in a journal
I have kept a diary ever since I was a little girl and its something that I really enjoy doing and I will probably do it for the rest of my life. Its a great way to get things off your chest without speaking to anyone and having the worry of people judging you for how you are feeling. You can be completely unfiltered and it doesn't matter because it is only written for your eyes (thats if you want it to be). When something is bothering me and I write about it in my diary I instantly feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. If you dont keep a journal I highly recommend you start writing in one, its crazy how much it can help you to relax.

A hot drink
My beverage of choice is always a coffee but I am quite fond of a cup of tea and occasionally a hot chocolate. Its mad how much a warm drink can help you to relax and chill out. Maybe thats just a British thing but I know so many who swear by it. So if in doubt, have a cup of coffee/tea!

Meditation is one of the best forms of medicine for your brain. I use to be a massive fan of meditation but I slowly started slipping out of the habit and I really noticed a difference in my mental health. Meditating is such an easy and effective way to relax and you can do it anywhere and at anytime. Just start off by sitting in a quiet spot, close your eyes and breathe. I wrote a blog post here  at the beginning of the year where I spoke a bit more about meditation and its a really helpful post if you dont know much about the practice.

What are some things you do to relax?








  1. I love lighting candles at this time of year. I seem to spend so much money no them, but they are worth it!

    Danielle xx

    1. So do I. Yankee Candles are currently on sale on Amazon though! :) x

  2. Just can't beat candles though right! I basically want them all the time if I'm at home. I have far too many at the mo! x


    1. You definitely cant. I have far too many too, you are not alone haha x


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