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Current Lip Favourites

Lip products are my favourite makeup items and I probably have way too many. I do try to switch them up occasionally so that I actually get my money out of them but I am boring and I tend to stick to the same nude lipsticks as you can tell from this post. 

A Beauty Haul

I love makeup and beauty hauls but unfortunately my bank account doesn't. I swear every time I say to myself Im on a spending ban I just end up buying more than I usually do. Is that just me?? However, there were a few things I actually needed to buy because Im going away this weekend for my aunties hen party and we have some really fun things planned where we need to dress up.

3 Apps For Anxiety & Stress

I just had to share this beautiful quote from Roald Dahl I found on Pinterest. 

Ive suffered really badly in the past with anxiety and it still flares up sometimes which makes life really tough. I use to get such bad anxiety a couple of years ago that I couldn't leave my house so Ive tried and tested quite a few different methods to help ease my anxiety over that time and Ive discovered a couple of really good and helpful free apps to ease your anxiety.

Bedside Beauty | Winter Edition


Its time for another bedside beauty post. I always have my go to beauty products on standby on my bedside table along side my other necessities aka my phone. And with each season the products definitely change up to suit my different skins needs. For example in the summer I will guaranteed have a bottle of aftersun at my bedside because I fry like and egg in the heat!

Life Update | Feeling Uninspired & Being Poorly

Throwback to Mallorca, 2016 where Id rather be instead of wet and wintery Wales.

I have been possibly THE worst blogger on the planet over these last few weeks/months. I haven't been posting regularly, my photos have been awful and I have been really uninspired and unmotivated to write post.