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January Favourites 2017

Its time for another favourites post. This month I have tried so many new makeup, hair and skincare products out and I have found some amazing ones that I couldn't imagine living without now. 

How To Get Healthy Hair | My Hair Care Routine & Favourites For Damaged Hair

I am on a quest to get healthy hair again. As someone who had bleached hair its really important for me to find some good, nourishing hair products to get my hair back to its healthy state. This had been my goal since I dyed my hair a darker dirty blonde back in early December and I have tried out a load of new products to get my hair looking good and to grow it out nice and healthy. My end goal is to have long, healthy hair that I don't need to wear extensions with to add that extra thickness and length.

17 Beauty Blog Post Ideas For 2017

Blog post ideas are life saver for times when you feel uninspired as a blogger. I have so many different post ideas saved from other bloggers that have seriously come in handy so many times and Ive written quite a few that you all seem to love and have been helpful.

Thats why Im doing another one. YAY! Heres 17 blog post ideas for 2017 for beauty bloggers.

Why You Should Meditate | Mindful Meditation For Everyone

Im not sure if this is a blog post that most of you would expect from me but its definitely a post Ive been wanting to write for quite some time now. Mindfulness or Mindful Meditation is a mind-changing practice that everyone should do and its 100% helped me to change the way that I think and has made me feel better mentally and sometimes physically. 

Most people when they hear 'meditation' instantly think of hippies and yoga and all things vegan and organic (I use to think like that) but thats really not the case. Mindfulness is something that is tuned into us human beings and it something that can be practiced anywhere, anytime and with anyone. You don't need to sit down with your legs crossed, humming with you're hands up in the air. You can literally just sit on your sofa with your eyes closed, hands on your lap in a quiet room and meditate. 

5 Makeup Brands I Want To Try In 2017| Sleek, Tarte & More

I swear the list of makeup brands I want to try out is never ending! I made a post like this last year and its really funny to look back on now because out of those 5 brands I only tried one out. haha! You can see that post here if you would like.

Im always wanting to try out new makeup brands and items. I think that just goes hand in hand with being a beauty blogger. The thing is though since Ive been blogging my urge to try new products has drastically grown which isn't good for my bank account. However, Ive come to the point now where I will only buy a makeup item that I really really want and have researched rather than just buying something for the sake of it.

My Reading List for 2017

This is something not many people know about me but I love reading. Im a book worm. Ever since I was a little girl I would always have my head in a book or a magazine. I think I read every single Jacqueline Wilson book in my early teens ('Kiss' was my fave by the way) and I actually met her on a school trip once and I could've died I was so excited! I still have her autograph in my memory box.

One of my goals for this new year is to read at least 15 new books. Its actually been my goal for the last two years and I never completed it but this year I have promised myself to take the time out to read everyday.