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2017: My Personal Goals For The New Year

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In less than two days we will be saying goodbye to 2016 and Im sure a lot of people cannot wait to wave bye to this challenging and life changing year. Ive had a pretty 50/50 year. Ive had some really great highs and some really crappy lows. Ive been able to travel, been to loads of incredible concerts and I conquered a lot of my fears but Ive also had a lot of different lows. Ive been battling a lot with my illness towards the second half of the year and its made me appreciate all of the highs that came just before my flare up.

I specifically named this post my goals for the new year because rather than new year resolutions. I find that resolutions are something that is forgotten by the end of January and Im a firm believer that every day is a fresh start and you don't need to wait for a new year to make a change. Im always making new goals for myself and if you want something you should aim for it now. 

My Most Loved Makeup Products of 2016 | Benefit, NYX, Urban Decay & More

2016 has been quite the year! There have been so many new makeup releases and I have discovered some incredible makeup brands and products thanks to the beauty blogging world. Ive probably (definitely) spend too much money on makeup this year but I don't smoke, drink or party so I spend my money on makeup instead. And coffee of course! Mmm I am craving Costas salted caramel cappuccino right now. If you havent tried it you should drive to costa asap and buy yourself one and you can thank me later!
The other day when I was moving rooms, which was very stressful might I add, I was re-organising my makeup and I noticed how many new pieces I had bought this year so I grabbed all of my favourites and pilled them up in a basket ready for this post. And blimey, I have a lot! I pretty much use most of these products every single day without fail unless Im going for a different lip or base but honestly thats pretty rare. So if you're ever interested in my "everyday" makeup, it is all shown here.

6 Easy Ways To Take Better Blog Photos

Its quite embarrassing looking back at my old blog photos. You can look back at them at your own risk because they were truly terrible! And although I still have a lot to learn and my photos are no where as good as I would like them to be, I have improved. Thank goodness! So Ive listed 6 small tips that I use to take my photos.

Just to touch on my photography 'style' a little, I really like bright photos. They are a lot more appealing to the eye and they look more professional in my opinion. And the camera I use is the Canon camera. I actually had this camera a couple of Christmases ago and I had no idea how to use it until about a year ago. When I first got it I thought it was broken because it kept turning off but turns out I was just pressing the off button every time I went to snap a pic. Thats just how tech-savvy I am guys! Haha!

My Christmas Beauty Wishlist 2016

I haven't really asked for much this Christmas unless someone wants to spend £41k on my dream car, and every time someone would ask me what I would like I would just go blank. I swear throughout the year I have a giant list of things I would like but as soon as my birthday or Christmas comes up I cannot think of one single thing. haha! To be honest, Im one of those people who would be happy with a pair of socks. Im just always grateful that someone would buy me a gift. 

My Top 5 Lush Products | Face masks, bubble bars and bath bombs

 Its time for another Lush post! Whoop! Some would class me as a Lush newbie. I have only been using their products for just over a year which isn't a long time for some Lush addicts out there. Id like to think of myself as a late bloomer. But Ive tried out my fair few products and I have found some of my favourite products I will re-purchase time after time again. Although every time I go into Lush I see at least one new product Ive never seen and am dying to try out so my favourites are bound to change at some point. 

What's In My Makeup Bag? Winter Edition

I noticed the other day that I haven't done one of these posts in ages. In fact Ive only ever done one which is strange because I love seeing what everyone else has in their makeup bags. I never really mix or change up my makeup very often because one I find an amazing product I like to stick to it.

However I have found a few great new products over the last 1-2 months that have become some of my holy grail makeup items.

My Most Played Albums of 2016

There have been so many brilliant music releases this year and actually some of my all time favourite albums have been released in 2015-2016. I am a huge music lover. I always have to have music paying whether Im in the bath, cleaning, cooking -you name it I always have music playing.

This year I have discovered so much new music that I just had to share some of my favourites. And as you will tell by my list I have rather broad music taste, I literally listen to every genre.

Pretty Photo Prop Ideas For Bloggers: 30 Things You Already Own

It can be difficult sometimes to pick your props for blog photos or to think of good props to use. When I started my blog a year ago I barely used any props and while occasionally just focusing on the actual item you are shooting can be really effective but it can sometimes be boring too. And using the same props all the time can also be a tad boring. I thought I would have to go out and buy props specifically for my blog photos but after looking at other peoples photos I realised that everyone uses things they already own which makes sense. Duh, Rebecca! I still have a long way to go with my blog photography but I am still learning and I would like to think that my photos have improved at least a little bit since I started my blog last year..

Well I put on my thinking hat and wrote down 30 props that I use or want to use in my blog photos. So, here are 30 prop ideas for you all ranging from the most popular ones to a couple of unique ones.

Winter Skincare Essentials

Id say this is the first winter that I have really switched up my skincare. I usually just stick to what I use all the time and maybe add a heavier moisturiser and thats it. But this year I really wanted to try some new products and switch things up a little bit.

My skin has obviously gotten dryer in the winter but my t-zone has stayed as oily as it does year round so my mission really was to find some new products to detox and cleanse the build up in my skin. 

Little Ways To Treat Yourself This Winter

We really are in the middle of winter right now. Its been icy here in the UK and we've even had snow in some places but not where I live so Im sad about that. I really hope we have a white Christmas this year, that would be perfect. 
In the winter time it can be easy for people to forget about themselves. You spend so much time worrying about what gifts you are going to buy your friends or family or what to wear to your works christmas party that its easy to forget to take some time out of your day for yourself. And everyone needs some 'me' time but that doesn't necessarily mean spending loads of money or turning into a giant prune from sitting in a bath for hours on end. 

4 red lipsticks perfect for Christmas parties

Wearing a red lipstick to a Christmas get together is a no brainer really. You just cant go wrong with a bold red lip at this time of the year and if you're like me and you like wearing black then it will add a bit of fun to your look. Ive only recently started wearing red lipsticks after I got my braces taken off and I love it. Somehow I feel more confident and prettier when I wear a red lipstick and of course more festive.

I dont own too many red lippies but the ones I do have I really love and do wear. The only tip I would give is to always wear a lipliner before you apply any red lipstick. It will last and wear longer and just make your life a whole lot easier if you're asking me.

Pretty PJ's Under £25 for Christmas Morning

We are less than 20 days away from Christmas! I am getting so excited for the big day. I cant wait to spend it with my family playing board games and eating some amazing food. Yum!

As a family we all go and open gifts in our pj's before we change and get ready for the rest of the day but I know a lot of people stay in their pjs all day so its vital to get a nice, pretty set. A cute pair of pyjamas also make a really nice gift for a friend or family member or even as a stocking filler or as a little treat for yourself. 

A Small Makeup Haul

(sorry for the awful photos, thats what happens when I dont take advantage of the daylight hours..)
Im back at it again with another mini makeup haul! Over black Friday and Cyber Monday I found it very hard not to buy any new makeup and it was going well until Debenhams had a sale for cyber Monday. Ive been wanting to save up so I can buy some Christmas presents and to just save up in general but I can never say no to makeup..

So I took advantage of the sales and I finally got my hands on some makeup products I have been desperate to try for ages. I didn't feel quite as bad because they did have some money off... Does anyone else feel like having a little bit of discount justifies buying a £15 lipstick and concealer or is that just me?

30 Fun Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 2016

Happy blogmas my lovely little elves! Its only 20 more sleeps until Christmas day and I don't know about you but I am feeling super-duper festive right now. I have been watching Christmas movies for weeks now and Ive had my festive bedding on since the end of October...

Christmas Gift Guide: For A Dedicated Baker

Everyone knows that one person who is a baker King or Queen or maybe you are one of them. I happen to be one of those Queens and my perfect Christmas would be filled with baking goods and some beauty products of course. 

October & November Beauty Favourites ft. Nivea, Lush & YSL

Its that time of the month again- favourites time. I didn't write a favourites post for October because I did an Autumn Beauty Edit post and I didn't really find any new products that I wanted to share. Surprisingly I don't often buy new makeup so I didn't have anything exciting to share. But now I have collected a fair few new favourites over these last two months and Ive fallen back in love with some old favourites again.

Instagram Round Up: November

Good morning! Scrolling through instagram seems to be part of everyones morning routine and its definitely my favourite part of the morning, just laying in bed and scrolling down for at least an hour... 

I love looking at other peoples Instagram round up posts and as Ive actually been updating my IG more frequently *follow me @beautylifebecca* I thought it would be fun to start doing a monthly one on my blog. Basically an Instagram round up is where you share all of your posts for that month. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

                        How cute is my bedding? And yes I am that crazy Christmas lady 😂🙊 

beautylifebecca: This afternoons Lush bath was amazing. The Magic Of Christmas bubble bar is one of my favourites ⭐️

                 I love Autumn 🍂🍁🍃🌰

I love me a cup of coffee ⭐️

Wise words 💋💄

Sunday morning reads..

       #wcw goes to the beautiful @gigihadid ⭐️ Im getting my hair coloured slightly darker and warmer next week and Im using this photo as my inspo. 

                                    But did you really have coffee if you didn't take a photo of it? 🙊


My baba ❤️

Are you someone who updates their instagram often or do you prefer to just scroll though your feed?

Top 25 Christmas Songs- Blogmas Day 1

OMG! Its December the 1st and only 24 more sleeps until the big day! Christmas decorations are going up, Im wearing red lipstick and of course its day 1 of Blogmas. Ive never done a blogging challenge like this before so wish me luck. I have planned loads of fun and exciting posts for this month so watch this space.

To celebrate Ive created a playlist for the Holidays with my favourite Christmas songs. Another Christmas playlist? Yes please! Because having Christmas music blaring on the radio and in every shop you walk into just isn't festive enough!

I have spent hours picking my top 25 Christmas tunes for the perfect festive playlist. There are so many Christmas songs out there but these are by far some of my faves. You just cant beat a bit of Britney, Bieber and Buble at this time of the year. So grab yourself a glass of mulled wine, put your santa hat on and have a little boogie to this Christmas playlist.