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6 Things I've Learnt In My First Year Of Blogging: My Blogs 1st Birthday!

I am so happy to be writing this post right now. A year ago today I launched my blog. I cant believe it! That time has gone really fast. In some ways it feels like Ive been blogging forever but at the same time I feel like I only started this blog a couple of weeks ago.

My NARS Makeup Wishlist: Lipsticks, Bronzer, Foundation & More

One makeup brand I have been so eager to try is Nars. Ive been wanting to try some products of theirs for at least 5 years now and the only thing thats put me off is the price. Nars is a slightly more expensive high-end brand but from what Ive seen and heard everything is 100% worth it. 

30 Things That Make Me Happy

I love reading personal posts like this because you can learn so much about the blogger and its fun. There are so many different tags around on the internet and Ive done a couple over the last year. Tags are actually some of my all time favourite posts to read and write. 

Its sometimes very easy to forget about the little things that make you happy and Im all about spreading happiness and positivity on the internet. We have enough crap going on in our lives that I think its super important to spread good vibes online. And what a great way to do so by posting a '30 Things That Make Me Happy' tag.

Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers Under £15

Its less than 5 weeks until Christmas!! I have my Christmas music blaring and Elf on in the background and I am feeling festive.

Ive never done a gift guide before but its surprising how many people want posts like these. And I have watched gift guide videos for years and they are some of the most helpful videos out there, blog posts too. Stocking fillers are super fun. Whether you have an actual traditional Christmas stocking or a giant teddy gift bag like my family do its such a fun and cute thing to do. And of course you don't have to use these as stocking fillers. They are perfect suggestions if you don't spend too much for Christmas or if you're after a little gift to go with someones main present. 

My Bedroom Makeover Inspiration Board

Over the weekend I have swapped bedrooms with my sister who is currently in uni. I never planned on switching rooms because I love my old bedroom but for health reasons I had to move. So Ive gone from having a huge bedroom downstairs with an en suite to a smaller bedroom upstairs. I am pretty excited about my built in wardrobe though!

So far I have only moved my bed and curtains up to my sisters room. Other than that nothing else has really changed. My sister wants to wait until she's home for Christmas before we move our clothes and bits and pieces which is fair enough. Ive not done too well with this transition although it isn't a huge one. But the stress of moving and not being well has really gotten to me but Ive been looking at the positive side of it- Im getting new bedroom furniture! Ive decided to buy two new bedside cabinets and a new chest of drawers to match my bed and dressing table that I already have and after I will need to buy new bed covers after Christmas anyway. So Im pretty excited about that!

Whats the first thing you do when you move? You spend hours browsing on Pinterest for some inspiration obviously! Or maybe thats just me because a) Im obsessed with Pinterest and b) I flipping love home design and decor. I have actually spend most of my weekend scrolling through the home decor section of Pinterest *follow me at beccafletcher23* and I have found a load of different inspo for my new room. 

Right now I am really loving the whole blush, grey and white theme going on so thats the colour palette Im going to go with. I already have some grey throw pillows and blankets so thats sorted out and a lot of my accessories are neutral, pink or copper. Im also obsessed with plants- fake ones obviously. So expect to see a bunch of different fake plants.

No7 Early Defence Eye Cream

I am at that age that Ive started to notice a little bit of change around my eyes. The skin around my eyes has gone really dry so when I wear makeup it makes me look years older than I am. I am only 20 but I am paranoid about skincare and wrinkles and I think its never too early to start using eye cream. 

My liquid lipstick collection + swatches ft. Gerard Cosmetics, Too Faced & Maybelline

Ive mentioned before how Im pretty much a newbie to liquid lipsticks. I didnt start collecting them until a few months ago but now I am pretty obsessed with them. And even though compared to other beauty bloggers I dont have a quarter of what they have I still have a good handful to share with you.

A Health Update: M.E & Fibromyalgia #InvisibleIllness

Good morning! I had a post lined up for today but I haven't had the chance to take photos for it in the daylight so I thought it would be a good time to do a health update instead.

The Autumn beauty edit

As we are well and truly in Autumn right now its a great time to share my favourite beauty items for this wonderful time of the year. Ive found some really great products this Autumn but Ive also been using some of my absolute favourite items that I have been using for years!

New Christmas bedding & feeling festive

Its November 2nd and I am feeling very festive- I can practically taste the mulled wine already! It may be a bit premature but I love Christmas and as I get older I actually get more and more excited about it and the whole build up to the big day.  I've had Christmas bedding on since October 20th and I am currently listening to Michael Bublés Christmas album.
"Crazy Christmas lady"? Yup thats me... and Ive started some of my Christmas shopping all though I have a lot more to buy and I have may have bought a *couple* of decorations already.