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A mini Urban Decay makeup haul

I had an unplanned trip into Debenhams on Saturday and I definitely didn't expect to spend £49 on just two items. I only wanted to go to the cafe to have a coffee but the new Urban Decay counter just looked too good to walk past! So I went for a nose and managed to buy just 2 new products Ive been wanting to get my hands on. 

4 TV Shows to binge watch this Halloween

WOOP its Friday. The weekend is here and whats the best way to spend your weekend??! By binge watching TV shows of course! Thats definitely my ideal weekend, just throw in some pizza, comfy clothes and wine and I am one very happy bunny.
As its almost Halloween Ive rounded up my top 4 tv shows to binge watch on Netflix. 

A Festive Lush Haul

Last Friday I dragged my mum into Lush, much to her dismay, and I treated myself to some new products. I haven't been feeling 100% recently so I needed a little pick-me-up in the form of bath products and Ive been watching loads of Lush haul & demo videos and specifically Halloween and Christmas ones.

Expectations vs. Reality: Autumn Edition

(Pic from Pinterest)
I really love Autumn and I know most people do (especially us bloggers) and we all get super excited for it because it means Christmas is getting closer and Lush releases their A/W collection! OMG! And how could I forget about the pumpkin spice lattes?! I finally tried one over the weekend for the very first time and I now 100% understand the hype. I have been craving one ever since! #BASICBITCHANDPROUD

But sometimes our expectations are completely different to our reality so I rounded up a few that make me giggle and are soo true.

Fifth Harmony Concert & Walks Down Cardiff Bay

Photo from their IG
I have a major case of PCD (post concert depression) right now. On Saturday night, I saw Fifth Harmony live for the first time in Cardiff. And OMG they were amazing.

My easy "lazy girl" pamper evening: Autumn edit

I love a good ol' pamper evening, I mean who doesnt? Having soft skin and fresh nails and some "me" time. I would say Im far too busy to spend extra time on myself but Im really not, Im just lazy (and ill). But do you know what? Even us lazy gals, and guys, can pamper ourselves in a short time so even if you do have a busy life you can still treat yourself. So grab a good book, light some candles and get ready to chillax.

3 in 1 cleanser and face mask. This is perfect if you have spotty and oily skin like I do because it tackles both of those problems in just a couple of minutes. 

If you like having tanned skin, instead of doing a full on fake tanning routine just switch out your usual moisturiser for a gradual tanner and you will kill two birds with one stone. You'll have beautiful hydrated skin with a healthy tan in no time. I love Doves gradual tanner because it really does give you that healthy bit of colour if you are as ghostly white as I am and it smells like apricots! 

Its lovely to spend some money getting your nails done and its sometimes nice to spend and hour paining your own nails and letting them dry but if you want a quick manicure invest in your own UV light or even some gel nail polish that doesn't require a light to set the shade. Barry M have some amazing gelly nail varnish that gives off the same look as gel nails but without the whole process of setting the polish. 

If you love taking showers at night then this one is for you. Instead of using a hair mask that requires you leaving it on for ages (because who has time for that?!) then try out the Aussie 3 minute miracle, or even better slather some coconut oil on your locks and shampoo it out for shiny and nourished hair.  This is my sisters favourite thing to do and her hair is #hairgoals .

This is such a simple thing to do but by wearing some nice pyjamas and slippers, you can instantly feel a bit more pampered and put together. Primark do some really pretty and cheap pj sets or if you want to spend a bit more money on them, M&S do some beautiful, silky sets. 

What are some of your "lazy girl" pamper essentials?

10 (more) places to visit before you die

I am such a wannabe traveller. Although I have traveled a little bit, its no where near as much as I would like to. If I could, I would have a minimum of 6 foreign holidays a year! But, I don't have an unlimited bank account and the best health so right now thats off the cards. *cries*

My Autumn/Winter Beauty Resolutions

It feels so nice to sit down and write a new blog post. Ive spend all of today (Sunday) trying to give my blog a makeover and its been stressful. If you are not a tech geek like me then you'll know what Im talking about. WTF is coding??! I think I should just stick to what I know best and thats writing and blabbering on about beauty.

Anyways, everyone has different goals and resolutions for each week, month, season or even year. Each new season I have a few things I want to change up in my life and in my beauty routine like moisturisers and lip products.
I did a post like this for my summer beauty resolutions (you can read it here) and you all seemed to like it so I decided to do an autumn/winter edition.