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30 Thoughts I Have When I Apply My Makeup

This post is a bit of a laugh with some #bantz thrown in. But in all honesty, I actually love doing my makeup but I do find myself having these thoughts almost every time I put on some makeup.
Ive seen these "30 thoughts I have when.." posts floating around and I just thought it would be fun to write up my own one.

Friday Favourites: Summer 2016

Another month has passed and that only means one thing- another favourites post. I cant believe how quick summer has gone this year but Im honestly a tad bit excited for Autumn time just so I can wrap up in big scarves, wear smokey eyeshadow and wear cute little boots.

I only have 5 new favourites this month but I still wanted to share them with you guys. 

A Wet & Windy Day In Windsor - Travel Diary

If you follow me on my social media, you will already know that Ive just come back from a family holiday in Windsor. Its a beautiful little town just west of London. We actually went to Windsor because we spend three days in Legoland- which was f.y.i so much fun!

On the Friday, we actually went into the town centre to explore a little bit and of course the weather was wet that day. But it definitely didnt ruin our day out or ruin how beautiful Windsor is. 

The Everyday Lipstick Edit

Dont get me wrong, its nice to wear a bright and bold lip sometimes but its not really ideal for "everyday" living. 

I have a tonne of nude and pink lipsticks because thats pretty much all I wear. Its so much easier not worrying about whether or not you need to reapply a hot pink lip or trying to match a lip colour to your eye makeup. 

I have rounded up my top 8 "everyday" lipsticks. 

Rainbow Rice Krispie Squares

Rice krispie cakes are a kids party favourite. They are easy to make and super easy. We usually make milk chocolate ones and although they are very yummy, they are slightly boring. But I found a recipe very similar to this one on pinterest the other day, I just altered it a little bit so that its easier to make. 

My current eyebrow routine & favourites

I love doing my eyebrows and Im one of those people who feel naked with bare brows. Ive only been filling in my brows for about 3 year years and Ive used quite a few good (and some terrible) eyebrow products. I tend to switch up my brow products a lot and I love finding new ones to try. Im currently eyeing up the new Benefit eyebrow pencils- they look fab!

Zoella Beauty | Sweet Inspirations

I'm a wee bit late to the party but I finally have my hands on some Zoella beauty products! I have one of Zoes travel makeup bags and I love it & use it every time I go away but I have never tried any of her beauty products. 
And if you know me, you'll know how obsessed (in a good way, not a creepy way) I am with Zoe. She was one of the first bloggers I ever followed all those years ago. But its only the Sweet Inspirations range that has really caught my eye. 
The range has 8 different beauty products all smelling of macarons and the packaging is so chic- I love it!
I only picked up 3 items because Superdrug has a 3 for 2 offer on and I couldnt just pick up one now could I?!! But Im definitely going to be buying more of the products next time Im in town. 

12 movies for a girls night in

Theres nothing I love doing more than spending the night in with my girlfriends or with my sisters watching films. We use to do this all the time before everyone went their seperate ways working or going to uni. But it is better the older you get because you can chill out with a glass of wine in your hand instead of a lemonade.

Spending my points with Boots

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping in boots and I my eye caught how many points I collected. I had over £50 worth of points and I never even noticed! I couldve done the sensibe thing and saved them up even more but instead I decided to spend them...well £45 worth of them. 

A few of my favourite things- July 2016

Its August 1st today and you know what that means! Its time for another favourites post. Yay! Its my time to ramble. LOL! 

 These are actually some of my favourite posts to read and write. I think Ive said before but its a great way to  discover new products and its just fun to see what products and items other people have been enjoying.

I havent actually had a load of new favourites this month but I still thought it would be fun to share.