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A peak inside my bedroom

Ive always had this fascination with room tour videos and blog posts. Possibly because Im nosey but I also love home d├ęcor. If I could have any job in the world I would probably be a interior decorator.

I always use to change up something in my bedroom because I spent far too much time browsing on pinterest I was never happy with it but Ive finally come to the point where I love how my bedroom looks. And there are some parts of my room I am obsessed with!

Mid-year beauty favourites

I know we are more than half way through the year, but lets pretend we're back in June for the sake of this post...ok? LOL.
Ive discovered so many amazing products this year. Ive found some life-changing makeup & beauty items. Ok, maybe thats slightly dramatic but they've definitely changed up my makeup life for the better. So, Ive listed all of those "life-changing" products for you all. I have found some amazing perfumes and eyeshadows this year!!

My favourite Instagram accounts

If Im on my phone, chances are I'm browsing through instagram wondering a) how people take such amazing photos and b) how everyone on IG has incredible hair! Seriously, has anyone noticed that?!

I have quite a few different instagram accounts I like to stalk so I rounded up a few of my current favs.

Makeup that beats the heat!

As Im sure most of you will know we have just had a massive heatwave here in the UK with highs of...wait for it...34 degrees. Yes, you heard me. It only was 34 bloody degrees on Monday! Most of the nation was moaning about how ridiculously hot it was but I was part of the maybe 2% that actually enjoyed it. Although I doubt I would be able to cope if it was that hot every single day. 

10 Makeup Items I Will Always Repurchase

As a makeup junkie, I like to buy snd try out loads of different makeup items like Im sure most of you do. And there are some makeup products I regret buying and there are some that I could never imagine not having in my collection. 

My Summer Wishlist | Skirts, phone printers & more

Im a sucker for wish lists and this is quite a miscellaneous one. I have some fashion and tech items on my current summer wish list. Because lets me honest here, my mind changes all the time. 

Panic Attacks | What to do when you feel one coming on

Having anxiety is something Ive struggled with for years now. And its taken me a long time to be comfortable talking about it. Before I was embarrassed to talk about it and I don't know why. Its something that so many people have to deal with every single day so you're not alone if you do have one. 

I had my first panic attack at age 13 when I was so worried about going to school to do a speech in front of my class. I had no idea what was going on at the time. I thought I was going to die. Now obviously I didn't and I was fine once my Mum and Nana calmed me down.

I am now 20 and I still get panic attacks every-now-and-then. I don't have them as much as I did in my teen years- thank God! But they do come in phases. Ive actually had a few in the last two weeks and let me tell you, they are not fun!

My Tumblr Favourites

I got this idea from the lovely Abbie from lovefromabbie

Like Abbie, I am a huge tumblr lover. I have been an active member for around 6 years now and I have had a tonne of different type of tumblrs...and yes I had a One Direction fan account at one time!

Tumblr is a place where I like to find some really pretty photography and its where I find some inspiration for makeup, blogging and fashion amongst a tonne of other things. 

So, I wanted to share some of my favourite pictures Ive seen on tumblr from the last fortnight or so with you all.

My summer beauty resolutions

Who says you can only have resolutions at the beginning of every year?!

Ive seen a couple of bloggers doing this post and I just thought it was a great idea. So this post isn't an original idea, just saying.

And I have quite a few beauty resolutions for the summertime. Some of them are really boring but they all need doing.

My Summer Bucket List

Good evening lovely people! This is the first blog post I have written with my new macbook! Its a lot easier than writing posts with my iPhone thats for sure! LOL

I was only speaking with my sister the other day about the things I want to do this summer and thats soon became a very long list. No surprise there! I managed to cut down my list to a couple of things I really, really want to do this summer.

What's in my makeup bag | Summer edit

If Im being really honest here, my makeup doesnt really change that much during the summer months. Thats probably because we dont get super hot weather here very often. *sobs* 

I should probably be more adventurous but the only thing that really changes is my lip colour...sometimes. And I usually change up my mascara to a waterproof version and use a mattifying face primer. Wow, calm down there Becca. Dont be too crazy! 

My Summer Playlist

Ah, summer time. Soaking up the sun, drinking mojitos and  listening to some good tunes is absolute bliss. But lets be real, living in the uk we dont get much of an oppertunity to do that. But why cant we listen to some good music and pretent to be lying by the pool in the sun?! 

My Makeup Geek eyeshadows

Makeup Geek has the best eyeshadow I have ever tried. I am not exaggerating here! The quality of their products is out of this world from their blush pans to makeup brushes- its all amazing! 

I was only introduced to this brand at the end of the year so I dont have a crazy amount of eyeshadows...well not yet! But I do have quite a few and I always reach for them over the majority of my other eyeshadows that cost nearly double the price!