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30 things you should do this summer

Ah summer time. The lovely weather and long days at the beach. Trips to the ice cream parlour and the sun on your skin, the smell of barbecues.
But in all honestly, how many of you are sick of summer after the first week or two especially if you're not in uni or school? And summer can be rubbish in the uk because the weather is almost always crap. 
 It doesn't take long for me to get bored of going on walks down the beach or out shopping so I've rounded up 30 things you should do this summer. I am going to try and do all of these things this year..wish me luck!

photo from Zoe
1. Go on a picnic. Make everything from scratch and take fancy cutlery and fresh flowers. Check out Zoe Suggs amazing post on her picnic party here if you haven't seen it. 

2. Go 30 days without using heat on your hair. This can be difficult but your hair will thank you by the end of it.
3. Go berry picking
4. Create a summer playlist
5. Build a fort outside
6. Journal
7. Read
8. Explore local attractions. In the welsh countyside there is a lot of things to see.
9. Jump into the pool/sea with all of your clothes on.
10. Change your hair colour. Even if its a wash-in wash-out. Its fun to experiment.

Photo from Pinterest
11. Wake up to watch the sunset
12. Go on a date
13. Test out some pinterest hacks. Here are some I want to test out.
14. Sit with a glass of wine, or any drink of your choice, with friends and watch the sunset.
15. Have a clear out.
16. Feed the ducks
17. On a clear night, stargaze. This is something I've never done and its one of the main things I want to do this summer.
18. Crazy golf
19. Make a 3 course meal of food you have never cooked before for your family and friends
20. Make your own lemonade. Or even better, make PINK lemonade. You can find a great recipe here.

Photo from Pinterest
21. Have a day without any technology. No phone, laptop, ipad or telly.

22. Make cocktails with your friends.
23. Grow a plant and see if you can keep it alive until the end of summer
24. Have a water balloon fight. A classic
25. Feeling romantic? Kiss someone in the rain.
26. Read a trilogy. My favourite is the hunger games.
27. Bake a cake and decorate it with everything you love.
28. Drink a hot chocolate on the beach at night.
29. Spend a whole day watching Disney films
30. Make a scrapbook to remember all of your summer memories.

What are some things you would've added to this list? You can also see my summer boards on pinterest here & here.

Love, Becca

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Mask Of Magnaminty | Lush Cosmetics

Aloha ladies & gentlemen. As most of you will know, I struggle with my skin. I get spots and its an oily mess. *cries* And as Im going on holiday this Friday I wanted to find something to help clear my skin up a little. 
So naturally I headed into Lush again & I picked up the mask of magniminty. Heres a little more info about this face mask. 

Its a self-preserving, multi-purpose face & body mask. Its suppose to calm, clean & clear your skin. Some of its main ingredients are peppermint oil to stimulate, marigold oil and chlorophyllin to treat your skin. And to make its thick textures consistancy they added evening primrose seeds and aduki beans. 

I didnt expect this mask to be as thick as it is but I kinda like it. You do need to apply a good amount to your skin and it can get messy when you wash it off so beware! 

Once its been on for 5-10 minutes, I run my hands under lukewarm water and rub the mask into my face to loosen up the mask and to really get the exfolitating effect. 

• It leaves your skin feeling really fresh & clean.
• It lasts a long time.
• I notice a difference in my skin after the first use. 
• Calms angry spots. 

• Its messy to use.
• I hate the smell of it! I can barely smell the mint in it. 

Overall, I love this mask. It has helped my skin when its flaring up. I do wish it had a better minty smell to it but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives with this mask. If you have any sort of problem skin, you should try this mask! 

Whats your favourite face mask or treatment for oily and spot prone skin? 

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Bedside Beauty Essentials

Now lets talk about skincare, well bedside beauty to be precise. I have a normal nighttime beauty routine but I also have couple of beauty items at my bedside to use right before I go to sleep. Its my second nighttime routine if you will. 

Now that summer is around the corner and Im showing more skin, Ive been using this on my stretch marks and some scars I have on my legs from my puppy. Thanks Tom! 

Soap & Glory Heel Genius
Best.foot.cream.ever! I have used this cream religiously for 4 years now. I try to put some on everynight after I climb into bed and then I pop on a pair of fluffy socks (sexy) to lock in the moisture. If I use this continuously, my feet will look great!  

Soap & Glory Hand Food
I dont think any skincare post of mine would be complete if I didnt mention the hand food. Its my favourite hand cream and it smells like marshmallows- yummy! 

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
I try my hardest to remember to moisturise before bed, especially at this time of year. This isnt my favourite body butter, but Im trying to use up a lot of my lotions. 

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub
Who else always has dry, chapped lips? Because it doesnt matter what season it is my lips always flake and peel. Ew! So having this lip scrub is great. I just apply it before I sleep and then slap on some lip balm & bam! You wake up with luscious lips!  

Jack Wills Berry lip balm
Why have a normal lip balm when you can have a Jack Wills one?! I actually had this in a set of three for christmas and only now Ive opened them. Opps! I instantly went for this one because it is berry and I love anything like that. Its really creamy and hydrating after using my lip scrub. 

Neutrogena nourishing body lotion 
I call this my "heavy-duty moisturiser". This is the moisturiser I go for on a daily basis because a) it has a pump and b) it is extremely hydrating. A couple of weeks ago, my skin was seriously dry & this was the one moisturiser I reached for and it did the job perfectly! 

What's on your bedside table? 

Becca x

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Blake Lively's beachy waves & effortless curls

One of my all time favourite celebrity with amazing hair is the goregous Blake Lively. She is actual hairs goals! Of course everything about Blake is beautiful, but especially her hair. Her signature looks are her relaxed beach waves & her effortless curls. 

How to- Blakes beachy waves

You will need- 
Tony & Guy sea salt spray
Batiste Dry shampoo
Volumising hairspray

1. Grab random 1-2 inch sections of you hair. 
2. Place your straightner on your hair at ear level. 
3. Hold your straightner vertically on your hair. 
4. Pull the straightner down & slowly rotate it away from your face. 
5. Finish with some dry shampoo, hairspray and a little bit of sea salt spray and voila! 

Tip- to dress up the beachy waves, pin back a front section from each side and clip it down loosely. 

How to- Blakes effortless curls

You will need 

1.5inch curling wand/curlers 
Texturising spray
Volumising hair spray
Wide tooth comb
Shine spray

1. Section your hair into a top and a bottom layer. 
2. Grab 1 inch sections of you hair and curl your hair from your ears down. 
3. Work through both sections & alternate the direction you curl your hair. 
4. Let your hair cool for 5-10 minutes. 
5. Lightly brush a couple of chuncks of your hair. 
6. Finish with volumising hairspray and shine spray. And for an extra boost, add some texturising spray. 

Tip- leave the ends of your hair uncurled for an effortless look. 

There you have Blakes 2 signature hairstyles. Let me know who your hair inspiration is. 

Love, Becca x

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Makeup Wishlist- Spring Edit

Im going to be honest, when it comes to makeup I am all "want, want, want". There are just so many products, new and old that I want to try out. If I had an unlimited bank account I would definitely buy everything! But as for now, I can dream..haha! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills pro series contour kit in light-medium. 
Everyone seems to own this palette and I feel left out..! I just want to see what the hype around this contour kit is all about. I have high hopes for this & I love that you can buy refills of your most used shades and I only have my Seventeen contour kit. And as much as I love that kit, I would love to try a new one. I cant wait to try the banana shade!! 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in pink nude. 
I love the on and on bronze shade & Ive been meaning to try another shade but I just simply forgot until I saw someone blogging about the shade pink nude last week. And ever since I have been on the hunt for it. I am loving pink & rose gold tones for spring so Im sure this will be a fav of mine! 

Makeup Geek eyeshadows in Shimma Shimma & Morocco. 
So many people have reccommend that I buy shimma shimma. It is the ultimate highlight colour & I am always for a good highlight! And Morocco is a shade unlike anything I own so I would love to try it out. I recon it would look nice as a crease/transition shade. 

MAC mineralise skinfinish in lightscapade.
 If you follow my blog then you will know how much I love my soft & gentle highlighter. However, it is more of a pinky-golden highlight which is great for summer. But for everyday makeup, I find it to be too bold and lightscapade is a far more neutral coloured highlight. 

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in sunkissed. 
I actually swatched this a couple of weeks ago ans it was goregous. Im not sure why I didnt buy it at the time, but I think Im just gonna have go treat myself (again) to this next time Im shopping. 

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours in every colour! 
Im honeslty not picky when it comes to a shade of these lipsticks because they all look amazing!! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Kathryn, Crush & Dolce. 
Omg these liquid lipsticks look incredible! These & the colourpop ones have been on my wishlist for months now, but as colourpop is so difficult to get over in the UK I have given up to be honest! The ABH ones were the first to catch my eye, I love the shade range and they seem to always be releasing new shades. But Kathryn, Crush & Dolce are the 3 shades that really caught my eye. They are my sort of lip colours. 

I probably wont end up buying half of these makeup items, but I can still lust over them right?!! 

What is on your current makeup wishlist?

Love, Becca x

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The Little Things

In an age where we become obsessed with the latest gadget we can easily forget about the little things in life. And more often than not, the little things in life mean the most & stay with us the longest. Dont get me wrong, I love technology & the finer things in life just as much as the next person. But if you take all of that away, what do we have left? Its so very important to cherish the small things in life.

Open-minded people. I love being able to have deep & meaningful convos with people but its hard to find people who are open-minded so when I do find someone like that it makes me extremely happy. 

A good book. I am a book worm, always have been and always will be. My most recent favourite novel is Eleanor & Park. This teenage love story make me go "aw" out loud so many times, its adorable. I found myself getting completely lost in this book & nothing makes me happier. I finished the book in the matter or a few hours! It really tugs on your heartstrings. 

Coffee & a slice of cake. Preferable carrot cake..yum! Need I say any more?! 

Sunny Days. Im sure you'll all agree with this but sunny days are the best days. If I wake up to the sun I am instantly in a better & happier mood. It doesnt matter whats happening that day, the sunshine will make it that little bit nicer. 

Cleaning...yes, you heard me right. I love cleaning & cleaning makes me happy. I know this is weird for most people but its therapeutic for me and once Im done I am super happy. Especially if Ive done it for someone else, it just ticks another thing off of their list.  

             (Photo from @lolypopp3 on IG) 

Fresh flowers. Especially if they are tulips or lillies. 

Spending time with family. After experiencing loss and illness over the last couple of years it makes you appreciate you're loved ones even more. So nothing makes me happier than spending time relaxing and hanging out with my family. Some of my favourite memories have happened up in my grandparents house with my aunties & little cousins. If I am having a down day, I am definitely going to feel a whole lot better after just being in my familys presence. I know it sounds soppy, but they mean the world to me. 

What are the little things in life that make you happier person? I would love to know what they are. 

Love, Rebecca x

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Bloggers made me buy it

After seeing your bank balance after doing a beautybay order is quite terrifying! So I am obviously going to blame some of you lovely bloggers for my recent purchases. Everyone has made these 5 makeup items sound like gold so I had to get my hands on them. 

Morphe 350 palette
Everyone and their mother seemes to own this palette & loves it. I do too but I dont tend to reach for it over my other palettes because its so much bigger & I store it away. But for £15 you couldnt wish for a better eyeshadow palette. And BH Cosmetics have come out with a matte version of this palette too and it looks goregous. I would say for everyone to get this palette if its in stock, if you love yourself a good brown-neutral eye. Personally, my favourite shades are the orange ones. I love adding some colour to my crease for a bit of a pop. 

MAC soft & gentle
I would say that this is probably one of the most talked about highlighters along side Becca highlighter (Im dying to try one) & TheBalm Mary-lou manizer. In the tin, this mineralise skinfish looks like a golden pink & when I first saw it I wasnt sure how it would work as a highlighter on my pale skin. But once you apply it, it gives off the prettiest golden glow to your cheekbones. Perfect for the summer time! 

MAC Brave lipstick
I follow a lot of beauty bloggers & it seems as though everyone loves Velvet Teddy, Brave & Creme Cup lipsticks from MAC. Out of those 3 shades, Brave seemed like one I would use more often. If you're looking for that Kylie Jenner lip shade, this is a great lipstick to go with. But what I love most about this is it isnt too brown, it's more of a mauvey deep pink & it has a almost mattee finish. 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in on and on bronze
Ive actually had this for a few years now (I should probably buy a new one). This is everyones long time favourite. I remember watching youtubers back in the early days using this colour tattoo in every video & every blogger seemed to own it. And after all those years people still love this shade of colour tattoo. It makes the perfect base for a bronze smokey eye or paired on its own for a quick eye look. These colour tattoos are compared a lot to the MAC paintpots which I have yet to try, but if it really is a dupe for the MAC ones then this is a steal and they come in a load of different colours from nudes to bright blues. 

Estee Lauder double wear foundation
Ive always wanted to try out this foundation but I was a loyal user of the Revlon Colourstay foundation. I didnt think you could get a better foundation for oily skin but I was so wrong! This foundation claims to last 15 hours through heat, humidity and non-stop activity and without oxidisings like some other foundations do (nothing worse than checking your makeup half way through the day and looking like an orange!). It also has spf 10 and doesnt onto clothes. I can honestly agree with all of this. The only thing I havent tested it out in is humidity because I live in Wales. Haha! I have been applying this mid-morning & by night time I dont want to remove my makeup because it still looks as good as it did when I applied it and that has never happened with any other foundations. Im so glad everyone had been raving about this foundation because other wise I wouldnt have thought of trying it out & if you havent tried it I highly recommend you getting a sample. 

What are some makeup or beauty items a beauty blogger has compelled you to buy recently? 

Love, Becca

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A few of my favourite things- April Edition

Good golly (I sound like a grandma, lol!) this year is flying by! I cant believe we are in May already! I obviously love favourite posts, I do one every month. Its a great way to find new things & a great way to blabber on about your favourite items. 

Makeup Geek duo-chome eyeshadow in mai tai.
This is the prettiest eyeshadow for spring. I love wearing it all over my lid or in tne crease to add a bit of a pop to my usual bronze eyeshadow. I wont be able to do this eyeshadow any justice by attempting to describe it, so heres what MUG have to say about it: "Wish you were lounging poolside sippin’ on mai tais? Well, what are you waiting for? Order a Mai Tai (umbrella stir stick not included)! Aside from being buttery and pigmented, this dazzling duochrome will transport you to a tropical paradise. Cheers to that! Mai Tai has an apricot base with orchid reflects."

Loreal Super Liner. 
This is my third tube of this, its hands down the best eyeliner I have ever tried out. The felt tip end makes it really easy to do a sharp straight line, its longlasting & best of all its actually black! I can wear this all day and it will stay put, especially if my eyes are primed. If you're new to doing winged eyeliner, this is a great liner to start off with. Its super to use. I love it! 

Hue lipstick
Im the biggest fan of pink & nude lipsticks. They are my go-to shades. I love this MAC lipstick, actually I just love MAC lipsticks in general. But recently I have been reaching for this one over all of my other lippys. 

Lightening shade adjusting drops
I have so many foundations that are too dark for my pale skin so instead of wasting them all Istarted looking around for lightening drops. I never knew the body shop did any until I was binge reading blog post one day and I saw someone raving about them. Having these drops in your collection is really handy especially if you are someone who regularly fake tans so you can adjust any foundation to match you all the time.

Estee Lauder double wear in the shade 1N2 ecru.
I wasnt too sure about including this in my April favourites because I only tried it out in the last week of the month but I love it so much I cant not talk about it! I always raved about my revlon colourstay foundation that is apparently a dupe for this foundation (I dont think so) so I never ended up trying out double wear. But I was sick of not getting the high coverage I wanted from a foundation and sick of looking like a grease ball by the end of the day so I gave in an bought a bottle and it was worth every penny! This foundation lasts all day and it covers everything! If you're not sure about buying this foundation or not, you have to! You'll love it if you're after a high coverage long-lasting foundation. 

Mac soft & gentle
Obsessed is an understatement. I love this highlighter so much! I didnt expect to love it as much as I do because it looks quite warm golden shade in the pan but once applied it gives off more of a golden glow. I just need to buy a fan brush now to apply it because I do tend to be a but heavy-handed with it. But thers no such thing as too much highligher right?! 

New Look sunglasses
I am fussy when it comes to sunnies. I find it hard to find a pair that arent too big or too small. What I love most about these is that they are dark enough to wear on sunny days. Theres nothing worse than sunglasses that look good but dont keep the sun out and I adore the slight cat eye shape it has. They are the only pair like it I have found that suits my round face. And these weren't even £5! Bargain! 

Nina Ricci Nina L'Eau perfume. 
This was a christmas gift and I had never tried anything from Nina Ricci before but my aunty loves their frangrances! And I now know why. Also, the description is super cute. "The fairy tale goes on with a new chapter for our modern princess: Nina L`Eau immerses us in a whirlpool of white with a tasty touch. This new interpretation keeps the original and addictive signature of the Nina fragrance; yet is fresher, more cheerful and dazzling."

What are you favourites for April? 

Love, Becca x

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