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Coconut Oil & Its Many Uses (beauty edition)

Two things. First of all, I know I am late on the hype here and secondly, I know what you're thinking. "Another blog post about coconut oil! Really?!" Before you roll your eyes at me, hear me out. I use to be one of those people who didnt understand the obsession with coconut oil. 
My youngest sister has been nagging me to start using coconut oil for months now. She swears by using it to make her hair shiny & healthy and her hair looks amazing! And now I get the hype..finally!

Coconut oil & beauty 
There are a gazillion ways to use coconut oil in your beauty routine. The list is pretty much never-ending! 
-Sunburn relief
-Lip balm
-eye cream
-hair oil
-teeth whitening
-makeup remover
-frizz taimer 
-face & body moisturiser
-shaving oil
-cuticle oil
-fade scarring
-help eczema
-helps with hair growth
-strengthens eyelashes
-repairs split ends & dry hair
-razor burn

What I use it for
I know everyone has different preferences for the use of coconut oil. I personally use it as a face moisturiser when my skin is really dry & on my legs after I've just shaved. It stops the irritation after shaving that I'm really prone to & without burning. Heres a great recipe for a homemade shave scrub. I have also used it for oil pulling. Im sure you all have heard the hype around oil pulling & all of its benefits, especially if you're on facebook. I personally have only tried it twice and it was ok. I didnt notice a huge difference in my teeth whiteness or anything like that but my mouth did feel very clean. Just make sure you spit the oil down the toilet or in the bin because over time you'll block your drain and thats no bueno! 

Makeup remover
Another great use for coconut oil is using it to remove makeup. I have been playing about with it for a while trying to find the best way to do this. I know a lot of people just rub it on their skin and rinse with water. But I find it really difficult to do it this way. I always end up with a thick layer of oil on my skin and I hate it. So what I do is rub the coconut oil on my face to breakdown my makeup & then I take a makeup wipe or a cotton wool pad and wipe it away. And the I rinse my face. This is the best way to remove your makeup in my opinion. It gets rid of everything & my skin has never felt softer. (Thank you Patrick Star for this tip) 

Hair growth
I have pretty fine & damaged hair so using coconut oil is essential for me and I am trying to grow my hair out a few inches. So I coat my hair in the oil the night before I plan on washing my hair. This is a great way to treat your hair for split ends, dryness & damage. My hair is so soft now, you wouldn't be able to tell that I bleach it by touching it. My hair has started to grow a little quicker which is great because my hair usually takes ages to grow! My sisters hair has been growing at a really fast rate! Just make sure you wash it out properly in the morning. Healthy hair-long hair!

Cammies video
It wasnt until after I watched the beautiful Cammie's video all about the different uses for coconut oil that I actually started using it in my daily routine. She goes into great detail on the different uses & benefits. I really recommend watching her video. She also has a video on her channel about how she used the coconut oil cleansing method to stop her acne.

Do you use coconut oil? I'd love to know what you use it for because there are so many different uses.

Love, Becca x

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Top 3 High End Makeup Brands

Like most makeup-addicts, I have a decent makeup collection and over the years I have found some great brands that I will always turn to.


Now I am a huge fan of MAC makeup. I love the packaging, quality and it was the first "high-end" makeup brand I ever tried. My Mum bought me a black eyeliner from them when I was 13 and I instantly fell in love with it. I have never tried a lipstick from any other brand that I have loved as much as I love MAC lipsticks. The formula is amazing, the colours are amazing and they smell amazing. really does anger me that MAC tests their products on animals. What is up with that MAC?! It's 2016 you dont need to test on animals anymore. And that is why I rarely buy anything from MAC now. Most of my purchases were done before I knew much about animal testing. But the day they stop testing on animals, I will be running to MAC to buy everything & anything I've been lusting over as I know thousands of other people will be. Click here to see my MAC haul. 

Too Faced

Too Faced- OH you lovely brand, you! I personally think that Too Faced screams girly! If I saw this makeup when I was a little girl, I honestly would've gone all heart-eyes-emoji over it. The packaging is so cute and pretty. My favourite items from Too Faced are the Melted lipsticks and the Chocolate bar eyeshadow palette. First of all, a chocolate scented eyeshadow palette. Is it necessary- no but is it amazing- hell yes. No ones going to come up and sniff your eyeballs any time soon but its a little bit of luxury in the morning when I'm doing my makeup. I think I may cry the day I get my hands on the peaches palette! It's so pretty and I just need it in my life OK?!! And right now I am really desperate to try out the Better Than Sex waterproof mascara. I've always wanted to try out this mascara and the fact that they've come out with a waterproof version has me sold. You can check out my post where I haul these makeup items here.

Urban Decay

My first ever eyeshadow palette was the Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette and I still love it! UD is an all around good brand. I am dying to try out more of their makeup. The Naked concealer, foundation & BB creams are at the very top of my makeup wish list right now but everytime I go into Debenhams they never have my shade in stock. Boooo! And the new range of makeup they have released for spring/summer is amazing. I was testing out the highlighters the other day and OMG they are beautiful! It took me every ounce of strength in my body to stop myself from buying the lot! Haha!  

What are your favourite high-end makeup brands & what are some makeup items I should try out from these brands?

Love, Becca x

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6 Ways To Feel More Accomplished Before You've Even Left Your Bed

(Photo from

I am not a morning person, I am far from it to be completely honest! So its quite nice to be able to get things done in the morning before you've even got out of bed to feel a little more accomplished.
1-Wake up earlier.
 Even if its 15 mins earlier than normal. Now this can be hard for me, but once I am up & out of bed I feel so much better! 

2- Make your bed
Ok, so technically out of bed. But this seems so simple but making your bed can be the easiest way to feel like you've already achieved something before even leaving your room. Plus, it makes your room look pretty.

3- to do lists.
 I am a bit of a control freak so I like to know everything I have to do & what is happening. I always write to-do lists, often at night before I go to sleep so that when I wake up in the morning I know what I need to do & remember. I know a lot of people do this.

4- meditate.
 Meditation has changed my life- as cliche as that sounds. I have been meditating for around 2 years but it wasnt until the beginning of this month that I started doing it properly & religiously. Its what got me through taking my theory test- which I passed first time around ans I swear its because of meditation. You will feel so relaxed & energised after meditating and I feel like it puts everything into perspective.  

5- Write everything down. 
This sort of goes with point #3, but by writing everything down I mean a diary (or journal- whatever you call it). This is especially handy if you wake up from a bad dream because by writing it down it stops it from haunting you & playing on your mind as much meaning you have a clearer head & probably a better mood. 

6- Drink a tall glass of water. 
I often keep a glass of water on my bedside table for during the night but I never end up drinking it then, so once I wake up I will chug it down. And that way you are already 1/8th of your way to your daily water intake before getting up. Score! 

What are some things you do in the morning to set your day off right? Do you make your bed every morning too? 

Love, Becca x

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Top 3 Mac Lipsticks

I love MAC lipsticks. I just love everything about them- the formulas, smell & packaging. And compared to some other high-end lipsticks, the price isnt too bad. 

Left to right Pure Zen, Flamingo & Hue

Pure Zen is a peachy nude, its almost a "my-lips-but-better" shade. Its a cremesheen formula so its hydrating on the lips- thank goodness because theres nothing worse than a drying lipstick and I am not a fan of matte lipsticks on myself. 

Flamingo is a gorgeous hot barbie pink. When I say barbie pink dont be scared, its a very wearable hot pink and it can be built up in intensity. I think its the perfect summer shade. Pair it with a black winged eyeliner and matte, bronzy skin and you have a great bold look. I just love this lipstick & I cant wait for summer to come so I can wear it even more. 

Hue more of a baby pink nude, as you can see in the swatch (which isnt that great-sorry). It actually looks like a mixture of Flamingo & Pure Zen. Its a glaze lipstick so rather than it looking glossy it just has a bit of a sheen. Now I love the glaze lipsticks for that reason. And again, this is a lovely everyday shade. 

What are your top 3 MAC lipsticks? 

Love, Becca x

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10 Things To Do When You're Feeling Blue

I think we've all been told to "turn that frown upside down" at some stage of our lives. But some days it can be really tough and inevitable. Everyone gets a "down day" every now and then. So I decided to share some of my pick me ups. These are just a few things I like to do to make me feel better. 

1. Listen to some very loud cheesy feel-good music, mr brightside by the killers is a great tune for this occasion. There are so many great feel good playlists on spotify. 

2. Cuddle your pet. I am a firm believer in feeling better after hudding your puppy. My dog will always know when I am feeling down, he will act all clingy and cuddly. Its great. 

3. Make yourself a hot drink. 

4. Buy some makeup! This one probably isnt the cheapest remedy for bad days, but who doesnt love buying new makeup?! Say sorry in advance to your bank account. Opps! You can see my most recent makeup purchases here.

(My photo from my recent makeup haul)
5. Binge watch your favourite tv show on netflix. My show of choice will always be Dexter. I only have 4 more episodes left and I am going to be lost without it. I may need to re-watch it over and over again. LOL! Check out my post on my top netflix picks here. 

6. Read some blogs. My mood can instantly change when I read some good blog post. Click here to see my top 10 blogs to follow. I love reading Corries blog when I'm feeling down. There is something really soothing and comforting about her and I was actually inspired to make this post after reading  her post all about things to do when you feel rubbish.

7. Bake. This is something I use to do a lot when I was feeling blue. Baking is a great distraction because you need to concentrate or you'll end up burning the cake! And bonus, once you're done you can treat yourself to a cupcake. Yum! Cake makes everything better! 

(photo from
8. Talk to a loved one. I will always go to my mum when I'm feeling down. Its so nice to be able to talk to someone who cares deeply about you. A good old rant will always make you feel better. Sorry Mum. 

9. Exercise. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. I know this is such a bleurgh tip and lets be honest, sometimes working out is the last thing you want to be doing. But I find that I feel like a different person after only 10 minutes of yoga. 

10. Tidy up. This is something I really love to do because I am a clean-freak! But when I need an instant pick me up I just like to clean up a bit around the house because there's nothing worse than being surrounded by a mess. 

What is your favourite thing to do when you feel down? 

Love, Becca x

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Makeup Haul- MAC, The Balm & Too Faced

Uh oh, another haul. But in my defence, it was my birthday and I decided to spend half of my money on makeup duh! Haha! Ive been wanting to grow my mac collection for years now and I am finally doing so! Yay! And i finally bought some powdered highlighters. This isnt the most interesting haul, but I am excited to get my cheekbones & lips on point now! *insert sassy emoji here* 

20 Things I've Learned in 20 years.

(Photo from

In celebration of me turning 20 last month, here's 20 things I have learnt in 20 years. This post is inspired by the lovely Connor Franta & Karlie Kloss. 

L'oréal Elvive Pre-Shampoo Mask for oily roots

£5.99 at Boots

Unless I have dry shampoo on hand, I need to wash my hair every-single-day which is a) bad for your hair and b) exhausting. So when I saw this hair mask specifically targeted for oily root, you can imagine my excitement! I had to buy it! 

This mask/treatment claims to "instantly absorbs oil and impurities for deeply cleansed, light and lifted roots." 

First off, it is a terrifyingly bright teal colour! I was scared to put this on my blonde roots to be honest, I thought I would end up with blue roots! And that fear only rised as I tried washing the mask off my fingers and my nails and finger tips were STAINED BLUE! I was turning into a smurf! Haha!! I panicked because I first tried this before a night out and I had just gotten my hair roots touched up. But, I was brave and I left it on for the 5 minutes it recommends so that it deeply absorbs excess oils and impurities.  

1- apply to dry roots before shampooing. 
2- leave for up to 5 minutes to deeplg absorb excrss oil. 
3- rinse out the mask whilst massaging the scalp (hate that word, ew!) until the water runs clear.  

Did I notice a difference? Honestly, no. I didnt notice on difference and with all of the effort it takes to use this mask it really isnt worth it for me. But the colour completely washed out and I didnt end up with bright blue roots. Yay! Maybe it would work better with the shampoo & conditioner too but alone, it does nothing formy oily   roots. But I was really disappointed. I had very high hopes for this mask but it really did nothing. The next morning I woke up with oily roots and I still had to use the same amount of dry shampoo as I usually would. 

Have you tried this hair treatment and did it work for you? 

Love, Becca x

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*this was bought with my own money and my opinions are 100% my own* 

Tips Tuesday- How to apply false eyelashes like a pro!

I've decided to start a new series on my blog all about tips! I will be sharing a new tip I've learnt over the last few months/years every few weeks. 

The first tip I want to share with you all is about fake lashes. I have always stuggled with applying them. I tried using tweezers to line them up and tried to curl them before applying them but nothing worked. But then I saw found this tip on Pinterest.

-Apply lash glue to your lash line
-Wait a few seconds for it to dry
-Place the lashes over the glue and voila!!

It is literally that easy! I can now finally wear lashes- woop woop. This is honestly one of the best "beauty hacks" I have discovered & I wanted to share it with everyone!!

Let me know if this works for you. Do you have any tips for applying eyelashases?

Love, Becca x

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