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Zoella Lifestyle Haul

I love Zoella lifestyle and all of her products actually. If I were to design products I would go for the same vibe that she goes for with her releases. This newest collection of here is gorgeous, its everything I love: blush, spots and gold. I had to stop myself from buying the entire line!

Superdrug are awesome for having different offers going on and right now they have a 3 for 2 on all Zoella lifestyle and beauty items so you end up saving quite a lot. I ended up getting the book for free! But all of Zoes releases are affordable and good quality so its worth every little penny. I really recommend the Lazy Days candle too, it smells delicious!

4 Quick Ways To Make Your Makeup Look Flawless

Makeup has come a long way (thank God) since I started wearing it at age 12 and I'd like to think I've become a lot, lot better at makeup. Ive learnt all I know about makeup from watching good old youtube for the last 7+ years, seriously there's nothing you cant learn on youtube these days! Ive found quite a few great tips that really work for me over the last couple of years to make your makeup look flawless and to last all day.

(Another) Lush Haul

I went into Lush and that when my bank account started crying. I went in with a list of things I wanted to buy and I bought those and a few extras because 'Treat yo self!' Whilst I was in there one of the women working in the shop told me about all the different products they are discontinuing and one of them is Frozen and Im so sad. Thats my favourite bath bomb! I had no idea that Lush were discontinuing so many of their products and some of their bestsellers so make sure you check to see everything thats being cut before its too late. 

We Got A New Puppy!

WE HAVE A NEW PUPPY!! I am honestly so excited to be writing this blog post. If you speak to anyone who knows me then they will tell you just how obsessed I am with dogs. I have cried many happy (and sad) tears over dogs and if I had my way I would have a house full of them! I cannot believe I now have 2 dogs. If you told me that 5 years ago I would never had believed you.

A Weekend In Chester & Leeds

A few weekends ago my parents, little sister, little brother and I went away for a long weekend to Leeds. My mums best friend lives there and we never go up to see her and this summer was a perfect time to visit as we aren't going on a holiday abroad this year.

Chester is one of our favourite places and Ive already been there once this year for my aunties hen weekend and I had so much fun. I highly recommend a night out in Chester if you ever get the chance, it was one of the best nights out Ive ever had! The bar and clubs are amazing and the shopping is out of this world!

A List Of 30 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands Available In The UK

You may have seen my post from last week about me changing to cruelty-free makeup and beauty (if not you can see it here). But Ive recently made the switch after trying to buy cruelty-free for a while as I am a massive animal (especially dogs) lover. I knew some what about animal testing before I started researching it recently mainly from my sister who lives by a strict vegan diet and from Bella Fiori on youtube. Honestly, it completely shocked me how any massive brands test their ingredients on animals. Almost every ad on telly is of products that are tested on animals and it makes me sick. As I said in my last post, its 2017 for goodness sake, companies and brands dont need to be testing on animals. The world has the resources now to stop these laboratories and companies from testing on animals!