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4 Haircare Products To Try

First off, I am so exited about my blog. Ive just changed my theme because I actually get bored quite easily with my blog so I hope you guys love it because I do! I have a bunch of new and exciting posts scheduled for the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

I dont think Ive ever said on my blog before that Im obsessed with hair. I actually really want to do a hairdressing course as soon as my health problems are under control. Ive always loved hair ever since I was a little girl and I was always that friend who was always doing everyone elses hair. I love trying out new hair products but I dont as often as I would like to because I unfortunately dont have an endless bank balance. The hair products I do own though are my holy-grails and I tend to stick with them and re-purchase them over and over.  

My Favourite Face Masks For Combination/Oily Skin

I love face masks. Its an essential in my pamper nights and in my skincare routine. I have been getting better at using face masks more consistently over the last few weeks and I usually use one 2-3 times a week. I notice a huge improvement in the look and feel of my skin when I do use masks frequently and its a great way for some self love. I will just grab a book, light a candle and relax for 20 minutes.

May Favourites | Fake Tan, TV Shows & More

I really cannot believe May has already been and gone! This past month has been a very busy and stressful one for me so here's to making June a better month. 
I picked up quite a few new products this last month and I started to binge watch a couple of new tv shows. Also, I couldn't keep up with all of the new music releases! I swear there was a new hit being released everyday which is great for my Spotify playlists. You can listen to my playlist here if you would like.

15 Things I'm Truly Grateful For

After these two very upsetting and heartbreaking weeks its really gotten me thinking about how lucky and how grateful I am. It shouldn't take massive tragedies like the ones in Manchester and London to make you realise how lucky you are but sometimes it does take horrible events like this to make you stop, think and focus on the good and it definitely makes you think twice about what you have in your life. 
I just want to post a short and sweet positive blog post today because honestly I don't want to be writing a post about my favourite beauty products, it just doesn't seem important at all right now. Instead I want to share with you all some things I am truly grateful for and all though we all have sh*t going on in our lives, at least we woke up breaking this morning. 

Six Swimsuits For Summer

Its almost summer! WOOP WOOP! Im usually boring with bikinis and swimsuits and fun fact, I wore a bikini for the first time last summer! I usually don't like anything that will give me crazy tan lines or any crazy prints but if its really cute I will just buy it #shopaholic. And although Im not going away on holiday this year I still want to buy a nice new swimsuit to wear to the swimming pool or the beach if we have some nice weather and to motivate me to lose my last couple of pounds..

Beauty Products Ive Used Up

I love these types of blog posts. Its really interesting to see which beauty products people have used up and you get a proper review of a product this way. For some odd reason Ive never thought of doing a post like this myself until a couple of weeks ago so I started collecting some empty packets and bottles just for you guys but I only have a couple of empties so don't worry about a super long blog post.