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5 Apps I Use Everyday

Like everyone reading this I have a phone and I use it everyday. Im not as addicted to my phone as I was when I was a teenager but I definitely miss it if I don't have it. Its probably bad but my life is on my phone. I do my banking on it, my notes it just an extension of my journal and I have almost 3,000 pictures on it. I also have 5 apps that Ive noticed I don't go a day without using and I wanted to share those with you today. 

October Favourites

October has come and gone so its time for another favourites post. Ive switched to a lot of new products this month because my skin has started to get really dry in this cooler weather. I'm also sharing a few of my lifestyle favourites with you because I have a lot this month.

The Vegan Makeup Edit

I obviously love makeup and I've made an effort over the last year or more to buy only cruelty-free makeup and beauty products. Now Im making an effort to only buy vegan beauty products and because I have bought CF for a long time a lot of them are actually vegan so most of my makeup is vegan already. YASSS! So in this post Im going to share with you vegan makeup products that I actually use and love. 

13 Motivating Quotes For The Week

Its been a while since Ive shared some of my favourite quotes on here so its about time I did a new post. I am a sucker for motivational quotes and I have so many saved on my Pinterest to inspire me or boost my mood when Im feeling down. Here are some of my current favourites..

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