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My Spring Playlist

It doesnt matter what Im doing, 99.9% of the time I can promise you I will have Spotify on in the background. Im one of those people who has to have some sort of background noise at all times. And I love making playlists of songs Im currently obsessed with because *shocker* I actually listen to music by people other than 1D (although there is some Niall songs thrown in there)! So I wanted to share my spring playlist with you all and maybe you'll discover some new songs to listen to.

Lush 'Big' Shampoo

I love trying out new shampoo from Lush and this one had been on my wishlist for so many months that I had to treat myself to a tub of it. Lush do really great cruelty-free and Vegan shampoos and usually I go for the shampoo bars (Im currently testing out the Jason and The Argan Oil one) because they are travel friendly and its what Im used to now. But after reading so any different reviews about this shampoo I had to test it out for myself.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer | Worth The Hype?

I know Im probably a little bit late to the hype but after what seems like months of waiting I finally have my hands on the infamous Makeup Revolution concealer thats taken the beauty world by storm. I swear I went into my local Superdrug 6 times and it was always sold out! But finally, last time I popped in they had one left of my shade (which is C1) and I swear I squealed a little bit when I saw it.

Another Lush Haul

Sooo I went into Lush the other day and I did some damage to my purse. I always forget how pricey Lush is but you definitely get what you pay for. These are all things I've wanted for a while so I decided to treat myself with some of my birthday money to cheer me up a bit. Ive basically spend the past 2 weeks in bed so I needed a LOT of cheering up.

3 New Things

I am such a sucker for home decor and Im always buying new little pieces to go in my bedroom. My dream would be to bring out a home decor range. I can dream ok?! I also get quite bored of things quite quickly so I never spend a lot of money on home decor.

22 Lessons Ive Learnt In 22 years

ITS MY BIRTHDAY! For some reason the older I get the more excited I am for my birthday and today I turn 22 *queue Taylor Swift music* and to reflect on my 22 years on this earth I have written down 22 things Ive learnt in my lifetime. I did one of these for my 20th birthday and they are some of my favourite posts to read so heres to 22!