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3 Nude Lipsticks for Spring

Lipstick is my favourite part of makeup. I feel so pretty and put together when I wear a good lipstick and I feel naked without it. Does anyone else have that feeling or is it just me? I am a sucker for a good nude lipstick but every now and again I try to switch things up a little bit. Ive promised myself that this past Autumn and Winter I was going to try harder to branch out and wear darker and bolder lip colours and Ive actually worn a bold lip a few times so Im pretty proud of myself. But I am a nude gal through and through. I feel so much more comfortable in a good nude lippie.

My Spring Scent | Gucci 'Bloom' eau de parfum

So maybe you've noticed Ive been away from my blog for a while (well over a month now) but I am back! I took an unintentional and unplanned break away from blogging over the month of February. Ive been struggling for a few months to find inspiration and motivation to blog even though blogging is one of my favourite things to do. I think everyone goes through this stage of feeling uninspired every now and then in any part of your life and as a blogger its quite easy to feel that way. But Im back now! :)

January Favourites

Finally, January is over! Like most people on twitter I feel like this month was never ending and I always end up feeling super down in January because Christmas is over and my siblings are back in school and then its just me and my dogs at home while my mum works. And the weather sucks!
But one thing I do love about January is the new favourites everyone for the new year. Ive got a few new favourites and they are all mainly Christmas gifts I received from friends and family.

Little Ways To Waste Less in 2018

I am very passionate about looking after our planet. We were always taught in school different ways and diffferent things we can do to look after the environment and for as long as I can remember we have always recycled in our house and mum has always preached about recycling and wasting less. It makes me so happy that so many people are now speaking up about global warming and sharing different ways we can all help out. After all, if we dont do something about it who will? So after doing a poll on twitter last week, today I am sharing a couple of really easy and realistic ways to waste less this year.

Beauty Brands I Wish Were Cruelty-Free

Its really disappointing that so many brands continue to test their products on animals even though its not necessary anymore. Ive spoken a lot on my blog about cruelty-free beauty and animal testing before but Ive never done a post sharing brands that I love using that still test on animals. Its surprising how many brands (like Benefit and Maybelline) who claim to be "against animal testing" but continue to do it anyway. Its 2018, they dont need to be testing on animals anymore!

So many of these brands state that they are "against animal cruelty and animal testing" but they either still test their products on animals and sell in mainland China (where its the law to test products on animals) or they use third party companies to test for them. So make sure you really do your research because just because a brand says they are against animal testing doesn't mean that they don't do it themselves. These brands can be sneaky! But there are so many great brands out there who do not test on animals and I did an entire blog post sharing 30 cruelty-free beauty brands you can buy in the UK last year. You can check that post out here. 

9 Quotes To Brighten Your Day

These are some of my favourite posts to read but I haven't seen many people doing them lately so I thought it would be a good time for me to do one. I spend far too much time on Pinterest aka the home of quotes so I saved some of my favourites that brighten my day and make me smile. This post is for everyone because some days you just need to see a positive quote..