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My Love/Hate Foundation | Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

(haha you can see my fingers in the reflection)

Im sure a lot of you reading this will be quite surprised to hear that I have a love/hate relationship with this cult favourite foundation. Ive actually never come across anyone who doesn't love this foundation in fact most people swear by it and the foundation Im talking about is the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation.

My Glossier Wishlist

If you follow me on twitter *@beautylifebecca* then you will know how excited I am that Glossier is finally launching in the UK! As of today (October 9th) they will be shipping to the UK. YAASS! Before now they only shipped to the US and Canada and I believe they only have one store and thats located in New York. Glossier started off with the website Into The Gloss and its quickly become a cult favourite in the beauty community. They are high quality skincare and makeup "inspired by Real Life". So ever since they announced they were launching here I have been browsing non-stop on their website and reading reviews on their products to see which items I want to buy. I wont be placing an order quite yet because I am trying to save money but that hasn't stopped me from making a wishlist!

Things Im Loving

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Ive never done a favourites post sharing my favourite links and blog posts before so I thought I would finally do one and add them to this post. If you follow me on twitter *follow me @beautylifebecca ;)* then it wont be a shock to you that Im going to talk about Doctor Foster. I tweeted asking what new show do I start watching, Doctor Foster or Liar and most people said both but I decided to go with Doctor Foster first and I am now obsessed! 

My Go To Perfumes

I'm a sucker for a nice perfume that preferably comes in beautiful perfume so I can put it on display in my room, I mean who isn't really?! Once I find a fragrance I love I usually end up using it everyday and I end up obsessed with it. Saying that though I am actually REALLY fussy when it comes to perfumes. I hate anything that has a spicy hint to it, I'm more of a soft, musk and vanilla gal. For years my favourite perfume was Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, which is still a great scent may I add, but my taste in scents has definitely evolved since then. Every time I get a whiff of that perfume I get flashbacks to secondary school me with silver eyeshadow and my hot pink Motorola razr listening to the HSM soundtrack. CRINGE!

Vogue's 73 Questions

Ive seen this tag floating around the internet for a while now. Im sure most of you have seen those celeb videos where Vogue ask them 73 different questions by now (personally my favourite one is Blake Lively's, she's such a babe). But other than seeing those videos on youtube Ive seen some bloggers doing this tag to and if theres something you should know about me its that I am a lover of a good old tag video or post. Its a fun and great way to get to know people behind your screen.

4 Healthy Habits To Do Every Morning

Ive been on a sort of health kick lately, mainly since Ive gone vegan but also since I've suffered with M.E and Fibromyalgia and I always try to start my day off the right way. Try is the key word here because Im going to be honest, some days I struggle to get out of bed before midday especially if I've had a rough night or a flare up with my illnesses. My fellow spoonies will know what I mean here. And there are a few things I really do try to do every morning besides the obvious things and the most essential part: COFFEE!