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4 Healthy Habits To Do Every Morning

Ive been on a sort of health kick lately, mainly since Ive gone vegan but also since I've suffered with M.E and Fibromyalgia and I always try to start my day off the right way. Try is the key word here because Im going to be honest, some days I struggle to get out of bed before midday especially if I've had a rough night or a flare up with my illnesses. My fellow spoonies will know what I mean here. And there are a few things I really do try to do every morning besides the obvious things and the most essential part: COFFEE!

My Current Makeup Wishlist

Im well aware that Ive made quite a few of these posts on my blog but theres a reason for that. My makeup wishlist is always changing and being added to and I blame Pinterest and Youtube for that (and my lack of self-control) HAHA!!

5 Makeup Favourites

Its time for another favourites post! Yipee!

Beauty favourites are some of my fave posts to read. I love seeing what different products people have been loving and using and I usually end up wanting to buy most of the products people mention.

Current Pinterest Favourites

Its no secret that I am a massive Pinterest fan. I am always on the app pinning different recipes, home decor inspo and outfits. I probably spend way too much time on Pinterest but Im ok with that because Ive learnt so much from that brilliant website. If you don't have a Pinterest account then what are you doing with your life?! You need to get on it asap!

*you can follow me here* cough*

And as I spend soo much time on that damn website I thought it would be a good idea every now and then to share some of my favourite outfit pics and different pins.

My Autumn Reading List

I love reading all year round but theres something so lovely about curling up in a fluffy blanket with a good book in the autumn time with a nice cup of coffee thats so appealing to me. I love getting lost in a good book and I always have a little list of books I want to read in my notes app on my phone.

5 Skincare Products To Try

Ive really been getting into skincare over the last few months. Ive never really been that interested in skincare, of course Ive used different skincare products for my spots and such (I wasnt raised in a barn geez) but Ive just never been into product ingredients, etc.